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Community Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Linzi Hawkin | Lumia

Get to know Lumia coach and instructor, Linzi Hawkin, our marketing and branding coach and self-proclaimed dolphin.

Instructor Spotlight features one of our amazing coaches and instructors of the JRNI Coaching Intensive! 

Linzi Hawkin

Name: Linzi Hawkin

Website: https://www.linzihawkin.com/

Brand strategist, ocean advocate & entrepreneur.

"My work lies at the intersection of sustainability & creativity. I’m passionate about finding innovative ways to create impact."

Classes Taught at JRNI Coaching:

Activate Your Branding and Business

Every great business needs a fantastic brand. Discover the basics of branding, how to discover your “why” and uncover your unique niche, learn specifics on developing your brand identity, identifying your audience, and zeroing in on your ideal client.“

The world has enough cookie cutter coaches. Branding is about blending who you are with what you do, and the more you lean into this awesome blend, the more authentic your business will become.” — Linzi Hawkin

Entrepreneurship 101

Discover the joy of entrepreneurship, what to focus on and when,how many different ways there are to be a coach, the nuts and bolts of running a thriving coaching business and how to get your first paying client.

“This isn’t the rose colored glasses vision of entrepreneurship. It’s time to be 100% upfront, honest and real about what it’s going to take to run a business that has an impact in the world.” — Linzi Hawkin

1. Three words to describe yourself:

Part time fish

2. Your superpower is:

Relentless optimism.

3. What are you most passionate about and why?

Protecting the ocean - It's been my backyard since I was a kid and I'm committed to taking care of it. I really believe that getting people outdoors into nature is the first step in reversing climate change.

We need people to feel nature, to recognise that they are part of nature, and to be inspired and humbled by nature so that they understand why it's so damn important to protect & restore it.

4. Area of coaching that interests you the most and why?

I made a decision a couple of years ago that I would only work with purpose driven brands. Organisations, start ups, NGO's who exist to make a dent in something - whether that's climate change, gender equality, ocean conservation, education or anything in between.

It's not enough to just be doing good work - in order to have real impact, you need absolute clarity on why and how you show up in the world.

That's where brand strategy comes in.

5. What got you into coaching and what do you love about coaching?

I worked with an incredible coach during a pretty full on chapter of my life and it shifted everything. From that moment on I became fascinated with how much change can come from simply learning to step back & look at things with a growth mindset.

I'm not 'coaching' anymore, but I use the skills I learnt during my time as a coach every single day in the work I do. That's what is so incredible about training as a coach - the skills will, without a doubt, enhance whatever path you take next.

6. Your favorite thing about JRNI Coaching?

I love the energy that every cohort brings. Every single time I wrap up teaching a class I find myself reflecting on how lucky I am to spend time with such a rad bunch of humans.

7. What's your #1 advice to someone who is interested in becoming a coach?

Hmm that's a good question! Other than signing up for JRNI Coaching -- I think so much of the journey in becoming a coach is about personal development - you can't go through the training without it changing you fundamentally. I'd say, be curious, be honest & choose your own path.

8. Where can people find you online?

I'm at www.linzihawkin.com and my agency is at www.protect.blue

Want to learn more about becoming a coach? Discover JRNI Coaching. Evidence-based life coach training program. Vibrant, genuine community. Lifelong support.

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