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Life Coach Training Program 

For those who are ready to shake up the status quo

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Eager to get coaching in six months or less? You can with Essentials! 

As a stand-alone coach training program, Essentials provides everything you need to learn the art and science of coaching. Over 21 weeks of instruction, you’ll discover the frameworks, tools, and methodologies necessary to become a high-impact, professional coach. 

As an Essentials student, you’ll move through the program with a small cohort of peers. From one week to the next, you’ll learn by doing. Together, you’ll put what you discover into practice through hands-on exercises, peer coaching, and live observation. 

What you’ll find when you step into Lumia’s coach training program is something that’s hard to capture in words. It’s the people that truly set this program apart - the quality of connection, the depth of conversation, the mutual support, and a genuine warmth and camaraderie that flows between our students and instructors.

This is why we say Lumia isn’t just a life coach training program, but a life-changing experience. 

Want to get a taste? Schedule a call with our Admissions Team to meet a member of our team and get your questions answered. In 30 minutes or less, you’ll get a feel for our vibe and know if we’re your people.
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Want to Get There Even Quicker?

For motivated go-getters who are ready to fast-track it, we also offer Essentials in a condensed, 10 week format. Same great content, just delivered in half the time. LEARN MORE about the Essentials Expedited Track, and find out when the next cohort is getting ready for liftoff.

Essentials Is Right for You If:

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You want to graduate and launch a coaching practice quickly
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You’re a people leader, manager, or human resources professional who’d like to add the tools of coaching to your existing career
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You’re a coach, therapist, or wellness service provider who’s eager to incorporate new tools into your practice  
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You’re a lifelong learner who wants to grow personally and professionally
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You’d like to learn how to hold space for others (and yourself!) more effectively

Not sure if you want to pursue ICF credentials? Enroll in Essentials now. If you decide to go for your ACC or PCC credential, you can add on the Signature program at any time for an additional fee.

Is Essentials a fit for your unique goals and aspirations? Book a no-obligation call with a member of Lumia’s Admissions Team and let’s talk it out!

What You'll Learn

How To Coach Using Science As Your Guide

Go deep on evidence-based methods such as positive psychology, neuroplasticity, the art of questioning, coaching presence, ethics, boundary setting, and more.

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Build Your Confidence With Practice

Gain a deeper understanding of how to coach through skill-building coaching sessions with feedback from others.

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Launch Your Coaching Practice Right

Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and how to build a personal brand with integrity.

Your Career

Discover additional ways you can apply the tools of coaching to other industries and professional roles.

What You’ll Get In Essentials 

Engaging, Live Instruction

  • Meet with your cohort for weekly online classes available on weeknights or Sundays 
  • Fun, relevant classes from a roster of diverse, qualified, top-tier instructors who represent a broad range of coaching backgrounds
  • Support from a dedicated class coach
  • Weekly Drop-In Hours with Lumia co-founder John Kim
  • Monthly Coaching Mastery demos with Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux 

Experiential Training for the Adult Learner

  • Online student learning portal where you’ll find additional resources, homework, tools, and more to internalize and absorb your education. 
  • Coaching templates, worksheets, exercises and sample coaching contracts to use with clients
  • Community connection and resource sharing on Slack and in Lumia’s private student and alumni Facebook group   

The Benefit of Practice

  • Safe and supportive environment to try on what you are learning 
  • Build confidence and discover what areas you want to improve upon
  • Receive verbal feedback and client testimonials from your peers

Preparation To Launch Your Coaching Practice

  • Safe and supportive environment to try on what you are learning 
  • Business systems setup
  • Integrity-based sales and client enrollment skills
  • Strategies to build your brand and online presence
  • Entrepreneurship fundamentals

Certification From An ICF-Accredited Program

  • Coaching Certificate of Achievement 
  • Lumia Coach Badge for your website and marketing materials
  • Receive verbal feedback and client testimonials from your peers

Lifetime Support

  • Networking and continuing education 
  • Yearly in-person Retreats
  • Job leads and coaching industry analysis 
  • Opportunity to sit in on new classes as they are added to the coach training curriculum

Essentials Curriculum

  • Welcome to Lumia Orientation
  • Intro to Coaching
  • Art of Questioning
  • 5 Step Coaching Framework
  • Applied Person-Centered Coaching
  • Ethics & Contracting
  • Reframing & Reflecting
  • Intro to Frameworks
  • Coaching Practice and Application
  • Intro to Intersectionality
  • Building Your Container
  • Two Way Mirror
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Essential Sales
  • Intro to Branding & Exploring A Niche
Seasonal Workshops
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media 101
  • Deep Dive into your Niche

For more detail and to see course descriptions, take a look at our Course Catalog.

Essentials is the First Stop on Your Path to Become a Coach

Every student in Lumia’s coach training program starts with Essentials. As a stand-alone program, Essentials provides everything you need to learn the craft of coaching, earn your coach certification, and launch your practice upon graduation.

If you’re interested in developing advanced skills or plan to pursue your ICF coaching credential, you’ll want to bundle in Signature. When you do, upon completion of the Essentials program, you’ll seamlessly continue on to this next stage of your training.

What's Your Investment?

Launch your unique coaching practice...in months, not years.

Essentials Tuition: $4,995 USD
Payment plans begin at $307/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience is required to become a coach?

A great coach is someone who works in partnership with their clients to set goals, and provides motivation, support and accountability. They're passionate about helping others, future-focused and always learning and growing.

No previous background or academic coursework in psychology or coaching is required. An ICF-accredited coach training program will provide you with the foundation, tools, and techniques needed to get started as a coach.

We encourage our students to bring their whole selves to coaching -- their story, history, experiences and unique skills -- and create a practice that is as unique as you are. A successful coach can come from almost any background.

Our graduates are therapists, executives, managers, HR professionals, fitness experts, influencers, stay-at-home dads, mothers looking to re-enter the workforce, nurses, yoga instructors, veterans and many more. For just a few examples, check out our graduate Case Studies!

The people who find us have a strong desire to improve themselves and a calling to do this work. They often tell us that they’ve been coaching informally and having these conversations for years, and now want to take it to the next level with professional training and support.

If you feel the pull to do this, then you are probably in the right place! Let’s schedule a call to talk more about your goals and how Lumia can help you.

I don’t plan to launch my own coaching business. Will the skills I learn in coach training apply to other fields?

Many of our graduates choose to apply what they’ve learned at Lumia to their existing full time positions and found success on a number of levels. Our training enhances your current skill set and gives you new tools to utilize in your current role. Therapists, HR professionals, techies, nurses, teachers, social workers -- all of these people have found our training useful in elevating their existing skills and for assuming leadership positions within their organizations.

Major companies spend a great deal on life coach training institutes, so your training can benefit the organizations that you are already working alongside. There are countless opportunities for professionals to use coaching techniques and many people who utilize these skills don’t call themselves coaches.

And get this: if you plan to apply the skills of coaching in your current job, your company might pay for a portion of your tuition. Find out how!

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

As a coach, this is one of the questions that you’ll learn how to comfortably address! Therapy is practiced by a licensed mental health professional, and is focused on bringing people from suffering to baseline. Therapy deals more with behavioral or emotional challenges, and works to bring clients to a state of baseline mental health and wellness.

Coaching supports people in moving from baseline to flourishing. It helps functional people envision their ideal life and strive toward the achievement of  higher goals. The main focus is on flourishing, and building toward a desired future state. Coaching is client-directed, and the topics the client brings to the conversation set the agenda for your work together.

Lumia focuses on coaching. We will teach you how to know the difference between coaching and other modalities, as well as when and how to refer out clients who need therapy instead of coaching.

Can I become a coach if I still have sh*t to deal with in my own life?

This is one of the greatest misconceptions about life coaching, that you have to be perfect or have your “sh*t” together to help others. It is also completely false. Yes, you have to be able to get out of bed and hold a conversation, but you don’t have to be a perfect person at the top of your life game with every single thing going well.

Lumia co-founder John Kim was going through a divorce and starting his life all over when he began coaching people. All you need to coach someone is a passion to help others, training, a strong community, and a story. You already have a story that can help others, and Lumia is here to help you with the rest of it!

Why should I choose Lumia?

In our experience, this is a head + heart decision. There are a lot of great coach training programs out there, so the trick is to figure out which one you vibe with on all levels: Intellectual, Vision & Values, Community, and Return on Investment.

So what sets Lumia apart? 

1. Evidence-Based, Accessible Education

Our coach training program is rooted in Positive Psychology & Appreciative Inquiry. We make learning accessible and informative through a curriculum that’s delivered entirely online. Don’t expect canned recorded lectures though - our combination of live weekly classes, small group cohort learning, personalized mentoring, and guided practice coaching sessions will keep you fully engaged from start to finish.

2. Diverse Expertise

Coaching doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to life, and neither do you. Rather than having just one or two teachers, we’ve curated a world class group of more than 20 expert instructors. Together, our team represents 25 academic disciplines, with skills that translate across education, law, nonprofit, technology, consumer goods, and corporate sectors. Most are ICF Credentialed, and all of them are experts in their field of knowledge. Our instructors will dare you to think outside the box and embrace your own unique approach to the craft of coaching. 

3. Community

Support extends far beyond your training, as it takes time to build a great practice. You’ll experience the momentum and joy of an encouraging community of 3,000+ other coaches to ask questions and get inspiration as you launch. Lumia’s been around for more than a decade and our team brings thousands of coaching hours, expertise and valuable insight – all to help you become the kind of coach you want to be. 

But don’t just take our word for it! Find out what Lumia graduates are saying in these Case Studies.

Is Lumia accredited by the International Coaching Federation?

Yes! Our program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Level 2 Program*. The ICF is the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners and training programs. The ICF is a non-profit, professional organization and its mission is to build, support and preserve the integrity of the coaching profession.

At Lumia we train life coaches to work and build practices in the wellness marketplace. We certify that all of our coaches have been trained in our evidence-based technique and are theoretically, relationally and ethically qualified to work as coaches. Our training is grounded in adaptive therapeutic change technique, goal-setting theory, the science of positive psychology, and much more.

What are my financing options?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to join us on this life-changing journey.  We offer multiple payment plan options to assist those in varying financial situations. Please click here to view pricing options or schedule a call with one of our team members for more information on our payment plans and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Got Questions?

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Lumia is accredited by the ICF as a Level 2 Pathway Program. Want to learn more about the ICF credential requirements? Click here for further details.