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Camp Ignite: An Unforgettable Experience

September 20-22nd, 2024 – Estes Park, CO

Build Connections, Deepen Understanding, and Ignite Your Passion for Coaching

This year's Camp Ignite is all about connecting and advancing with your Lumia peers, instructors and community. We've carefully crafted this experience to help you grow as a coach, focusing on your personal journey and enhancing your skills, with plenty of self-care at the core.

You'll Leave Camp Ignite With...

New coaching skills and insights to excel personally and professionally – confidently taking your practice to the next level and uplifting your spirit.

Deeper connections to others to give you strength — a community of real people to lean on as you make forward progress as a coach

The ultimate camp-like vacation experience – Enjoy optional activities like hiking, campfires, swimming, yoga, and more as you rejuvenate YOUR way – adventure, exploration, or quiet relaxation. 

“Retreat was a life-changing experience for me – I knew deep down I HAD to be here. It brought me new experiences by being able to connect and share with the Lumia community. Lumia provides you with a space to grow and expand—it’s the place you’ll always be able to be yourself, and that made this weekend magical.”

 - 2023 Retreat Attendee

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An Incredible Experience Awaits You in Estes Park, Colorado

This year, we’re gathering at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO, which sits at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a well-appointed place for a one-of-a-kind experience. (You may even want to extend your stay for a couple of days!)

This is more than a retreat and so much more than a vacation – it’s a unique experience designed to renew your body, mind, and spirit as you recharge in the beautiful, natural surroundings of Estes Park.

We’ll have a few activities integrated into our weekend as we enjoy all that the YMCA of the Rockies has to offer:

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A Campfire Gathering
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All-levels Hiking
Checkmark icon
Enjoying Nature
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Checkmark icon
Games Room
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Checkmark icon
Ping Pong
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Board Games
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Card Games
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Fitness Track 
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Mini golf

A special note: Lumia has reserved a block of rooms at the YMCA of the Rockies; however, space is limited to stay on-site. Booking link will be sent out soon! If you’d like to join us for this one-of-a-kind experience, we recommend that you register as soon as possible.

“Fun, educational and really energizing. Everyone at the retreat has inspired me so much, I’ve met so many people who are helping each other and gaining momentum. It’s been so inspirational!”

 - 2023 Retreat Attendee

What You’ll Learn: Speakers & Breakout Sessions

Discover our exciting lineup of speakers and what they’ll be teaching during our retreat this year.

(Note: Speakers and session schedules may be updated or changed due to availability.)

Saturday Morning Sessions

Brand Voice Bootcamp: Mastering Your Message in Person or On Camera
Joyce Chen

This interactive workshop is designed to empower you to feel confident sharing your personal narratives and stories, whether through in-person presentations, digital content creation with your phone or otherwise.

Refine your personal messaging and gain practical experience in conveying it effectively, no matter what the medium!

You’ll learn a structured approach to crafting compelling messages, incorporating both solo and collaborative exercises where coaches will record each other and exchange constructive feedback. 

Additionally, participants will receive frameworks and templates to follow, as well as valuable tips on communication, ensuring you leave with the skills needed to speak authentically and effectively.

From Insight to Action: Frameworks for Transformation
Jen Ammenti, PCC

Dive into specialized frameworks for sparking lasting organizational change and enhancing personal growth.

These frameworks have been carefully refined from Jen’s experience in both group dynamics and one-on-one coaching, and are designed to enrich your understanding and application of personal and professional development techniques.

This session promises a hands-on learning experience, where you'll engage actively and reflect deeply, supported by provided materials that complement our interactive discussions.

Overcoming Burnout: Relight Your Inner Flame
Jackie Kibler

Burnout is a psychological response to chronic stress.

It leads to feelings of overwhelming exhaustion, a sense of detachment from one's interests and relationships, and a sense that we can’t accomplish our goals. With students and employees facing higher levels of chronic stress, burnout is becoming more common.

In this interactive session, you'll delve into the root causes of burnout and discover evidence-based techniques, strategies and exercises to nurture your inner spark to fend off the impact of burnout.

Saturday Afternoon Sessions

Working With Groups Kickstarter
Chris Clark, PCC

Ready to experiment with offering a class, workshop, or group coaching program? Let’s talk about how!  In this session, we’ll explore a variety of ways to diversify your offerings beyond a 1:1 client practice. Key in on the experience you’d like to deliver, how it relates to your coaching niche, methods for structuring your program or class, and strategies for filling those seats! Learn how to apply the tools and techniques of coaching in a group container… and how doing helps to build your pipeline of future coaching clients. Come away with the inspiration and tactical next steps you need to give it a try!

watch a video from Chris
How to Coach the Client, Not the Story
Bonnie Stith, PCC

The work of coaching is about discovering the client’s relationship with the narrative that keeps them stuck.

Discover strategies to remain present and attentive to your client’s experience, avoiding the common trap of coaching the story or attempting to "fix" perceived problems.

You'll learn the art of self-management, gain valuable tips and techniques to maintain your focus on the client's needs and goals and how to identify personal triggers that may draw you into the client's narrative instead of fostering a curious and client-centered approach.

Honoring Your Wisdom: How to Navigate Imposter Syndrome
Barbara Haynes, PCC

Imposter syndrome – a feeling of self-doubt, inadequacy, and not belonging – often emerges when people face new professional challenges.

Whether it's a mother returning to the workforce, someone building their own business, or navigating a layoff, these transitions can trigger intense and complicated feelings.

Through a series of practical tools and reflective practices, we'll explore strategies to keep imposter syndrome at bay, build confidence, and embrace your rightful place in your career journey.

watch a video from BARB

Saturday Keynote

Exploring Coaching Trends and the Future of Wellness
Noelle Cordeaux, PCC

Noelle Cordeaux, CEO of Lumia, unveils the latest trends shaking up the wellness and coaching market. Noelle will dissect the significant findings and research, highlighting the essential insights for coaches as the wellness economy experiences unprecedented growth.

With the industry projected to surge from $5.6 trillion to $8.5 trillion by 2027, understanding these trends is more crucial than ever. Get ready to explore themes like climate adaptive wellness, the evolving landscapes of men's health, postpartum wellness, and much more! Other Lumia coaches are already leveraging these coaching trends to build profitable businesses — what possibilities could this information unlock for you?

Sunday Sessions

Community Sessions

Lumia Community Sessions are coaching workshops led by our very own students and alumni! This is your chance to try something new, present to the Lumia community and lead with your unique coaching insights and techniques.

By registering during Early Bird, you'll unlock the opportunity to apply to lead a workshop -- more information coming soon.

Sunday Keynote

Rewriting the Stories That Are Stopping You
Deanna Moffitt, ACC

Get ready to dive deep into the narratives that have been holding you back with Deanna Moffitt, Lumia instructor and master coach.

With a blend of wisdom, humor, and practical strategies, Deanna will guide you through the process of rewriting the stories that are hindering you from the life and career you want.

Together, we'll uncover the power within you to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and create a life filled with purpose and possibility. Get ready to be inspired and empowered like never before!

watch a video from DEANNA

Secure Your Spot at Camp Ignite 2024

Registration Closes September 6

Don't let this experience slip away—come be part of it!


5-Month Payment Plan: Only $197 Monthly

Your Ticket Includes:
3 Days of Workshops, Community Connection, Wellness Activities and More
Optional Outdoor and Indoor Activities
Lunch Provided on Saturday
Light Refreshments Throughout the Weekend
First Come, First Serve Access to Onsite Lodging

Eager for More? Extend Your Stay and Enjoy Beautiful Colorado

If you're considering prolonging your trip before (or after!) Camp Ignite for a few days more, there's a world of adventure waiting for you. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or just looking to relax, there's something for everyone.
Here's what you can explore:

Near Estes Park

  • Rocky Mountain National Park: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with breathtaking landscapes.
  • Stanley Hotel Tour: Explore the historic hotel that inspired the movie The Shining.
  • Horseback Riding: Experience the scenic trails on horseback.
  • Downtown Estes: Wander through the town for shopping, dining, breweries, and more.
  • Outdoor Activities: Enjoy hiking, archery, exploring the Grand Lake area, fly fishing, guided tours, and wildlife viewing.
  • Seasonal Spectacles: Don’t miss the leaves turning on Peak to Peak Highway — a mesmerizing two-week period of autumn beauty.

Explore Boulder, Colorado (45-60 minutes from Estes Park)

  • Pearl Street Mall: A vibrant hub of shopping, dining, and street performers.
  • Chautauqua: Discover historic landmarks and hiking trails with stunning views.
  • Eldorado Canyon: A paradise for climbers and hikers alike.
  • Boulder Persian Tea House: Relax in the unique ambiance and enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Brewery Tours: Taste some of Boulder’s finest craft beers.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Engage in more hiking and climbing, or try fly fishing.

Discover Denver (1-1.5 hours from Estes):

  • 16th Street Mall: A mile-long pedestrian promenade brimming with shopping and dining options.
  • Museums: Explore a variety of museums offering insights into art, history, and science.
  • City Life: Enjoy the bustling city atmosphere with numerous shopping and dining destinations.

“Whenever we gather as a community, the energy is electric! I am always overcome with emotion as each person walks through the door. It is a gift to hear everyone's story and learn about their lives and dreams. Our retreats give us a groundswell of first-hand data to build for and with our community. The stories, faces, and experience of the community come to life is fuel for the year ahead for all of us at Lumia. I look forward to gathering because of the tangible energetic boost that we all walk away with.”

 - 2022 Retreat Attendee


What is included in my ticket?

Camp Ignite 3-Day Retreat Ticket Includes:

  • Friday Night Campfire Meet N Greet and Smores
  • Saturday Programming and Activities 9am-5pm
  • Saturday Catered Lunch
  • Coffee, Snacks, and Light Beverages
  • Extended Sunday Programming and Wellness Activities 7am-3pm
What’s new about this year’s retreat?

Lumia is building on the elements you loved most from previous years and taking this year’s retreat to the next level. You’ll find Camp Ignite in beautiful Estes Park – at the foot of the beautiful Colorado Rockies with a chic "glamping" twist, minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park.

In addition to our incredible coaching and business focused programming, Camp Ignite offers many opportunities to forge deep connections with Lumia instructors and your fellow coaches. We've also added an expanded array of optional wellness and outdoor activities designed to create a deeper connection with both yourself, the Lumia community and the natural world.

This year’s retreat will take place over three days to ensure you have plenty of time to forge connections, absorb new knowledge, and simply enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. And, for those of you staying at the YMCA of the Rockies, rest assured that meals will be conveniently provided on site, complementing our community lunch during Saturday's program.

What if I’m brand new to Lumia? Can I still attend Camp Ignite?

Absolutely! If you're in the early stages of your coaching journey, this retreat couldn't come at a better time. You’ll forge connections with peers—both other new coaches embarking on their paths and seasoned alumni, along with the instructors you'll soon learn from. These relationships are more than just networking, they're the catalysts that will help you thrive as a coach and set you up for success.

What is the signup deadline?

September 6: Registration Closes

Do you offer payment plans?

5 Month Payment Plan Regular Pricing: $197

Will there be Lumia swag available?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to add your swag to your ticket purchase upon registration which includes a Crewneck Sweatshirt, Campfire Mug, and Roll-Up Blanket for all your mountain glamping needs!

What additional costs are there?

Additional costs may include:

  • Accommodations
  • Lumia Swag Bundle
  • Transportation to and from Estes Park
  • Flight or Travel Expenses
  • Meals: Please note that there is a slight change in food and beverage offerings for this year’s retreat. Saturday’s catered lunch will be included in your ticket. 
  • People staying onsite at YMCA of the Rockies will also have an included Meal Plan for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. All other meals will be considered an additional expense.
Where will the Retreat be?

YMCA of the Rockies
Address: 2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park, CO 80511
Phone: 970-586-3341

What room options are available if I want to stay at the YMCA of the Rockies(On-Site) for the retreat?

Once you purchase your retreat ticket, you will be sent a link to book onsite lodging if you would like to stay onsite at the YMCA of the Rockies. Pricing is $209 per night with a 35% deposit required to reserve and also requires a Lumia Retreat Meal Plan in their Aspen Dining room at a rate of approximatelyof $65.50 for 4 meals.

Note: A limited number of rooms are available and we expect the venue to sell out, so we advise you to book your accommodations sooner rather than later. Onsite room details will be sent after registration.

What if I want to extend my stay?

You can arrive early or stay for a few extra days. After your initial reservation, please arrange this with the YMCA of the Rockies, and they will be happy to help you.

Where else can I stay that is close to the event space?
  • Airbnb or VRBO
  • Stanley Hotel
  • Alpine Trail Ridge Inn
  • Coyote Mountain Lodge
  • Appenzell Inn
  • Murphy Resort at Estes Park
  • Silver Moon Inn
  • Estes Mountain Inn
  • Hotel Estes
  • Quality Inn near RMNP
  • Murphy’s River Lodge
What food options are provided during the retreat?

If you stay onsite at the YMCA of the Rockies, the following meals will be included as part of your reservation:

  • Friday Dinner
  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast

Provided by Lumia to all attendees:

  • Friday evening: light snacks, Smores, and beverages around the campfire for our Campfire Evening Meet-N-Greet
  • Saturday Lunch (Special dietary requests will be accommodated)
  • Light snacks and beverages are provided during programming

If you are not staying onsite, you can dine with those staying on-site in the Aspen Dining Room (cafeteria-style), which is available for purchase at the door. There are also a variety of other restaurants and cafes nearby to choose from. 

What airport do I fly into?

Denver International Airport (DEN)

How far is the airport from Estes Park?

Approximately a 1.5 hr drive from Denver International Airport

What are my Transportation Options?

Estes Park Shuttle

  • Cost:
    • $95-$135 per person round trip 
    • $55-$75 per person one-way from Denver International Airport
  • Recommended Booking: Minimum 1 week in advance (can book individually or with peers as a group)
  • Call: 970-586-5151 
  • Book Online: www.estesparkshuttle.com/reservations 
  • Pickup: DIA to Estes: Shuttle pick up is on Level 5/Baggage Claim, East Side, Door 513, Island 1 - Shuttle Arrives 10-15 minutes before departure time listed above

Carpool with a Lumia peer!


Uber or Lyft (Estimate: $95 one-way)

Rent a Vehicle

What are my travel options during the retreat?
  • If you are staying at the YMCA of the Rockies, the retreat will be on-site for the weekend. 
  • If you are nearby, there are local accommodations within a short drive, or you can take a short Uber ride. 
Is there parking available at the YMCA of the Rockies?

Yes, parking is available.

If I’d like to stay longer, what are some fun things to do?
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Stanley Hotel Tour (inspired the movie ‘The Shining’)
  • Horseback Riding
  • Downtown Estes - explore the town! Shopping, dining, breweries etc.
  • Hiking
  • Archery
  • Take a drive to the Grand Lake area
  • Fly Fishing
  • Guided Tours
  • Animal watching: check out the Elk and wildlife
  • Check out the leaves turning on Peak to Peak Highway (this is only a 2 week period where you can see the leaves change!)

Explore Boulder, Colorado (about 45-60 minutes from Estes Park):

  • Pearl Street Mall
  • Chautauqua
  • Eldorado Canyon
  • Boulder Persian Tea House
  • Brewery Tours
  • Hiking & Climbing

Explore the city of Denver (1-1.5 hours from Estes):

  • 16th Street Mall
  • Museums
  • Shopping, Dining
Is my ticket refundable?

While we understand the need for flexibility, please note that our tickets are currently non-refundable. This policy ensures the highest quality experience for all attendees, secures limited spots, and reflects your commitment to personal and professional growth. Lumia creates programming and reservations based on commitment and attendance, and your investment not only supports the retreat but also signals your dedication to self-improvement. Should you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out.

What if I have more questions?

We are here for you! Please email support@lumiacoaching.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.