Add On The Signature Program

Your Essentials coach training provided a solid foundation in the principles and techniques of coaching. If you're inspired to go a cut deeper, the Signature program is your next right step
For Lumia students & alumni
In this second phase of your journey toward coaching mastery, you’ll receive personalized feedback and mentoring from program faculty, explore coaching core competencies in greater depth, and receive advanced training in professional interventions, ethics and standards.

If your future goals include earning a coaching credential from the ICF, Signature is where the rubber meets the road!

In addition to refining your skillset, you’ll receive the training hours, mentor coaching, and feedback necessary to apply for either your ACC (Associated Certified Coach) or PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Credential with the International Coaching Federation.

What you’ll receive in Signature:
Coaching Mastery
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A refined understanding of the topics introduced in Essentials, with advanced coaching skills rooted in the ICF Core Competencies
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Live observation coaching with personalized feedback - in every class! 
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25 hours of practice coaching and practical application of your skills
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Review and written feedback on your recorded coaching sessions from an ICF credentialed faculty member
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Individual and group mentoring from ICF credentialed instructors - a dedicated space to bring your questions, explore case studies, receive practice opportunities, and discuss the art and science of coaching in greater depth
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Increased confidence in your effectiveness as a coach through repetition and practice
Preparation For Your
ICF Credential:
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The full 125 training hours necessary for your ACC or PCC Credential
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All mentor coaching hours required by the ICF, including:
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7 hours of group mentoring with a PCC Instructor
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3 one-on-one mentor sessions with a PCC coach 
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Test prep for the ICF Credentialing exam through mock quizzes and exams
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An in-house performance evaluation for your ICF application from a PCC Evaluator

The Signature Add-On includes 3 months of additional education, and features 16 weeks of live instruction with breaks for major holidays.

Lumia is accredited by the ICF as a Level 2 Pathway Program. Want to learn more about the ICF credential requirements? Click here for further details.

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$528 USD
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changed with the new Level 2 version of Signature?

Lumia’s Signature program provides everything students needed to apply for an ACC credential with the ICF. With our transition to Level 2, we have become a “one stop shop” for earning either your ACC or PCC Credential. 

To meet those new standards - and in response to student suggestions and feedback! - we’ve done a top-to-bottom revision of the curriculum. That includes  recruiting additional instructors, and expanding the length of the program from 60 to 125 hours. 

One of the major highlights is an incorporation of live observation coaching into every class! Students have even more opportunities to practice the skills they’re learning together in real time, with instructor feedback. We’ve also rolled in 1:1 mentoring, and review of recorded sessions from your instructors to provide more personalized feedback to help you fine tune your coaching skills.

Lumia's Level 2 program now includes:‍

  • All training hours needed for ACC or PCC Credential
  • Live observation coaching with feedback in class 
  • Written feedback on recorded coaching sessions
  • In-house performance evaluation by PCC Instructor
  • 7.5 hours of group mentoring with PCC Instructor
  • Required 1-1 Mentor sessions with PCC coaches included 
  • New and updated live classes taught by ICF Credentialed Instructors
‍Why are ICF coaching credentials valuable?

At this time, the International Coaching Federation credential represents the industry gold standard. We don’t see that changing anytime soon. In fact, we believe the ICF seal of approval for life coach training programs will only continue to rise in prominence over the years to come.

Here’s what we’ve been observing in the coaching industry over the last several years:

1. Many long-established coach certification programs are applying for ICF accreditation. Why? Because they recognize that more and more coaching clients are looking to hire ICF-credentialed coaches.

2. Human resource departments are vetting coach qualifications. Businesses are leading employers of professional coaches. They are also among the highest paying clients. Whether you want to land a corporate job as an internal coach or are hoping to book more business coaching contracts… ICF credentials can give you a competitive edge.

When I finish Signature, will I have my ICF credential?

Lumia is accredited by the International Coach Federation as a Level 2 Program (ACC and PCC credentialing paths). We prepare you to apply for your credential with the ICF, but we do not review and approve your credential application - the ICF is the only organization that can do that. 

The Signature program will help you acquire the skills and training you need to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC). In it, you’ll receive: 

  • 125 ICF Educational Hours
  • 7.5 Hours of Group Mentoring
  • 3 One-on-One Mentor Coaching Sessions
  • ICF Credentialing Exam Prep
  • Step by Step Guidance on Getting Credentialed
  • 50 Hours toward Coaching Experience Hours for ICF Credentialing 
  • In-House ICF Performance Evaluation of A Recorded Coaching Session
  • Observational Coaching with Written Feedback

Upon successful completion of Lumia’s Signature program, what remains is for you to complete the total number of coaching experience hours you’ll need to apply to the ICF (a total of 100 to apply for the ACC credential, or 500 for the PCC.) 

Once you’ve accumulated those coaching hours, you’ll work with the ICF directly to apply for your credential. After your submission is approved, the ICF will then invite you to take the Credentialing Exam.

What’s the difference between the ACC and PCC credential?

The ICF offers three coach credentials to reflect your current level of training, experience, and mastery of the ICF Core Competencies. They are:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

  • 60 hours of qualifying education
  • 100 hours of client coaching experience

‍Professional Certified Coach (PCC) 

  • 125 hours of qualifying education
  • 500 hours of client coaching experience

‍Master Certified Coach (MCC) 

  • 200 hours of qualifying education
  • Hold or have held a PCC Credential
  • 2,500 hours of client coaching experience

You can learn more about the distinctions, and how to qualify for each here.

I’m not interested in the ICF credential - is Signature still worth it?

We offer advanced training through the Signature program because we’ve seen how this curriculum opens doors, provides deeper insights, and boosts the confidence of our graduates. 

The Signature experience provides you with more opportunities for hands-on practice to hone and refine your coaching skills. Throughout the program, you’ll receive personal feedback from ICF credentialed instructors. 

As a Signature student, you’ll drill deeper into the ICF core competencies, with an opportunity to translate those theories into practice in every class. You’ll get the chance to observe and practice coaching in the classroom each week, and will also submit several recordings of your client coaching sessions for instructor feedback. Along the way, you’ll log an additional 25 hours of coaching sessions to further build your skills and confidence as a coach.

While ICF credentials may not be necessary for your path as a coach right now, it’s something you may decide to pursue down the road. In our experience, there are four major reasons people choose to pursue this path. They include:

  • To better serve your current and future clients through advanced mastery of the coaching craft
  • To access a wider array of employment opportunities, particularly in corporate and business settings
  • For personal and professional development
  • To work with specific clients who require ICF credentials

Whether or not you ultimately choose to pursue an ICF credential, you’ll come away from the Signature program with increased confidence, more insights into the tools and techniques of coaching, and a better understanding of your unique style and impact as a coach.

What if I completed Essentials a while ago?

If you started Essentials January 2022 or earlier, contact us for guidance on which updated classes you'll need to retake.

If you started Essentials April 2021 or earlier:

  • You will be required to complete 50 practice coaching hours in total through Essentials and Signature.
  • You will likely need to retake a few classes that have changed since you completed the program. You can contact the Lumia Support team to determine which classes you may need to sit in on again.

Want to talk to a member of our team about your situation? Schedule a call!

What financing options are available?

We want everyone who’d like to continue their studies with Lumia to have an opportunity to do so and offer multiple payment plan options to accommodate varying financial situations. Please click here to view pricing options. You can also schedule a call with one of our team members for more information about our payment plans and how we can help you achieve your goals.

What’s the refund policy for the Signature Add-On?

Once you enroll, you’ll have 30 days before your first class to switch to another cohort or withdraw. After that deadline has passed, you will not be eligible to receive a refund. If you’d like to switch to a different cohort beyond that 30-day period you still can, however, a $500 fee will be required in order to do so. 

Each enrollment includes a non-refundable $250 enrollment fee.

Ready to join your Lumia peers on the next leg of your coaching journey? 

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