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You’re smart, driven, and want to make a difference. The future is yours to create. 

The tools of coaching can help you to:

  • Launch your own Coaching Practice

  • Add evidence-based techniques to your existing profession

  • Enhance your skills as a people leader

  • Increase your clarity and improve interpersonal relationships

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No More Cookie-Cutter Coaches

Why follow the pack when you can build a career that’s uniquely yours?

You’ve already got so much to offer, and we’re here to help you turn up the volume.  At Lumia, you’ll learn how to combine your talents, life experiences and expertise with the tools and methods of coaching.

We train and certify adventurous coaches, making sure you’ve got all you need to build a career you love, on your terms.

  • Experienced instructors
  • Diverse student body
  • Evidence based tools
  • ICF accredited (Level 2 program)

If you’re ready to unlock your strengths and discover what kind of coach you’d like to be, then you’re in the right place.

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We’ve Graduated 2500+ Successful Coaches - Each With Their Own Unique Goal In Mind

Vanessa Bonkoski

I knew when I signed up for this course that I was wanting to help others. What I didn't fully realize at the outset was that I was also committing to growth within myself.  This program has given me the structure, tools and science to bring about positive change in the lives of others.  It has also brought about positive change in my own life and thinking, as I applied what I learned in my own life.  Each week, another layer is added onto the foundation of the science and field of coaching. This program also provides a community in which you learn, providing support, understanding, and encouragement.  I am so grateful for the Lumia community, both within the cohort and in the alumni group. I am so grateful to our teachers and to John and Noelle for creating this space.  I am so grateful that I said 'yes' and for this opportunity in my life.

Jonathan Greene

Lumia Coaching was worth far more than what I paid for. It is truly an investment in yourself first and a future business second. The best thing about this particular course is that when you complete it, you are ready to open up shop. They have given you all the tools you need to start a thriving practice. The level of support from your fellow cohorts is astonishing and the interior support from Lumia is phenomenal. They truly want you to have the best experience and are committed to helping you build a foundation for a lasting practice and personal growth. Lumia is a company that is always adjusting, listening to feedback, and putting your education first. In a sea of quick courses and weekend certifications that are available on the Internet, Lumia Coaching stands high above and puts you in the best position for future success.

Joy Erika Diwa

Ever since the moment I started with Lumia, I knew that this was the space where I would feel constantly supported in my growth to becoming a life coach. I wanted Lumia to help better equip me with evidence-based strategies, and I can definitely say my toolbox is packed! Each coach has a different personality in their teaching style and in their passion for their craft. It was so refreshing to be in a group with individuals who think and care for others just as much as you do.

John C. Edwards

When I found Lumia, I was a crossroads in life's journey. I was in the technology industry for over 15 years and I was downsized from a major company. I was a software analyst and I realized that the rat race was starting to wear on me. So, I wanted to find another path. I decided to search for my purpose and I found Lumia. The experience has been transformative and enlightening. I hope to make this my life's purpose and I'm glad I made the decision to become a life coach. I am not [yet] exactly where I want to be right now, but I feel that I'm on the right track.

Denise Beers-Kiepper

I left my executive corporate HR Leadership role in 2021. I decided to launch what had been my "side gig" of coaching and consulting as a full time endeavor. I chose Lumia because of the people. From John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux (who lead with authenticity), to each and every one of the people I have met, everyone is there to support your growth. I went from no coaching engagements to reengaging with former clients, getting referrals and attracting new clients since joining Lumia.

Aileen Uy

Despite having experience working in the mental health field and being well versed in a clinical therapeutic practice, Lumia provided the missing pieces of the puzzle. While my clinical therapeutic background provided me with the tools to help people heal, being a catalyst has supplemented my tool box to help people grow.  On a personal level, having gone through the course as provided me with an opportunity to learn a better way to love, live and perceive the world.

Join A Global

The World Is Rapidly Changing. As A Coach, You Can Help Write The Next Chapter.

Can you feel it? Seismic cultural shifts are now underway: in the workplace, at home, and in our communities. With these changes comes an urgent need for new forms of relating with one another.

The coaching profession stands at the forefront of the movement to enhance human potential - and you can be a part of it.

In Lumia’s coach training, expect to shake things up. You’ll learn evidence-based tools and techniques to help others not just survive, but thrive.

Ready to build a better future for yourself and those around you? If so, it’s time to become a coach.

Upcoming Cohort Start Dates

Wednesday, July 10, 2024


July 10, 2024


6:00 pm


Sunday, August 11, 2024


August 11, 2024


9:00 am


Wednesday, September 18, 2024


September 18, 2024


5:00 pm


EXPEDITED COHORT: September 24, 2024
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4PM PT

Who Thrives With Lumia?

Enthusiastic Self Starters

Launch your coaching business

You're looking to shift careers, or you're ready to step out of coaching on the side and into coaching full-time.

People Leaders

Add coaching to your toolkit

You’re already skilled in one arena, now it’s time to add some new tricks. Our student body includes business owners, lawyers, executives, human resource pros, and more.

Therapists, Coaches, & Wellness Providers

Level-up your existing practice

Some people call it “Building Your Empire.” We call it enhancing your skills so can serve your people even more deeply while building a practice you love.

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We’ve Graduated 2500+ Successful Coaches - Each With Their Own Unique Goal In Mind

What’s YOUR coaching story gonna be? As one of the premiere online coach training programs, we’ve helped thousands of other game changers build lives and careers they love.

So, the choice is yours:

Take the leap and invest in your future possibilities, or keep living with the question “What If?”

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