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Thinking about becoming a coach? Find out what some of our graduates have to say about Lumia and learn about their experiences in the program. 

Sharon’s Story: Leaving the corporate world to coach

“I make a positive impact every day… my job is amazing!”

Mary’s Story: A meaningful second act

“It’s never too late to become who you are meant to be.”

Nick’s Story: Connection, security & hope

“I wish everyone could experience something like this in their life.”

Jennilee’s Story: Coaching lights me up

“The person I was before could never imagine the person I am today.”

CJ’s Story: Finding authenticity as a coach

“I feel like I’m stepping into myself… with a coaching niche that is authentic to me!”

John’s Story: Career development in business

“The world is starting to realize the benefit of coaching in a business climate”

Lumia Testimonials & Reviews

Lumia (formerly JRNI) has proudly graduated more than 2,500 coaches to date, with more joining their ranks every day. We asked our coaches to share their takeaways about the Lumia experience in their own words and here’s their honest, unvarnished reviews of this life-changing program.

Alyson Earnest Headshot

I have always been drawn to help and encourage others through their problems, and my default was to give them what I considered sound, wise advice. Now, I have seen the magic of how asking powerful open ended questions, positive inquiry, is the best way to help and encourage others. I believe Lumia to be unique among the endless coach certification offerings, as Noelle and John set the tone in their leadership and attract a worldly, diverse, intelligent community which is my best learning environment. I was able to learn the basic skills of coaching in the midst of this diverse community where I am energized, challenged, and inspired.


Alyson Earnest

2024 Graduate

Milena Stojanovic

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the high-quality training program Lumia provided me. The Lumia coaching program is truly rooted in science, and the depth of knowledge and expertise that I gained through my time with you has been invaluable in my coaching practice. Currently, I am attending Signature track and working towards my ACC ICF credentials, and I am excited to continue this path of learning and growth.


Milena Stojanovic

2023 Graduate

John C. Edwards Profile Wearing a Sui

When I found Lumia, I was a crossroads in life's journey. I was in the technology industry for over 15 years and I was downsized from a major company. I was a software analyst and I realized that the rat race was starting to wear on me. So, I wanted to find another path. I decided to search for my purpose and I found Lumia. The experience has been transformative and enlightening. I hope to make this my life's purpose and I'm glad I made the decision to become a life coach. I am not [yet] exactly where I want to be right now, but I feel that I'm on the right track.


John C. Edwards

2023 Graduate

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