A Global View on Goal Setting In The New Year

Lumia co-founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux kick off 2023 with a discussion of the Global Wellness Summit's call for a commitment to wellness for all.

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A Global View on Goal Setting + The New Year

Usually when we make New Year’s Resolutions we focus on ourselves and our very own immediate wishlist, but today we’re going to do things a little differently. In this episode, John and Noelle are pulling back the lens to take a look at resolutions that need to be adopted globally - and how coaching can help. 

As a source of inspiration, Noelle and John turned to the Global Wellness Summit’s recent call for global policy that takes a multidisciplinary approach to promoting global wellness. Listen in as they discuss what this means for humanity, and for us as coaches!

What’s the significance of adopting global policy?

The Global Wellness Summit’s proposal for a shift in global policy has come about because, in their view “[w]idespread adoption of preventive approaches and healthy lifestyles is essential if we are to address our mounting global health crises and spiraling economic costs.” (Global Wellness Institute, Defining Wellness Policy, November 2022)  

What policy does - and specifically wellness policy - is to create a common language, framework, and set of strategies for governments, industry, and communities to collaborate and work toward the goal of wellness for all. (GWI, Defining Wellness Policy, November 2022)

Why do we need a global resolution to increase wellness for all?

We inhabit a world that is not finished with the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to reel from economic volatility. Stress and burnout are at an all time high. Globally, political turmoil and war threatens environmental resources and food stability alongside mental wellbeing. 

Against this backdrop, the GWS is boldly calling out the wellness industry to become part of the solution:

“It is time to step away from the hype of wellness as a consumer trend and a business investment opportunity.” - Global Wellness Summit

Many of us have not had a chance to decompress and restore ourselves after the trauma of the last few years, and the trauma that persists today.

The impact of these circumstances on wellness has been complex. The pandemic caused folks to hit pause on many wellness services. It also accelerated the awakening of public consciousness around self-care, prevention, and health.  

As a global society we are concurrently grappling with failures of public health systems, millions of deaths, and widespread suffering. We’re also talking more about the critical importance of healthy lifestyles, personal resilience, community support, and social safety nets in times of crisis and upheaval.

Coaching is a discipline that is uniquely built to catalyze the latter issues of critical importance: healthy lifestyles, personal resilience, community support, and social safety nets.  

As such, coaches have a responsibility to support wellness policy. 

Policy is not just a government matter. It’s everyone’s business. According to the GWS: “Policies to advance the cause of wellness for all require the attention, participation, and cooperation of public, private, and nonprofit/community stakeholders." (GWI, Defining Wellness Policy, November 2022) 

According to the GWS, there are very real and powerful forces that are shifting wellness from a consumer movement to a policy imperative and as such, “we must shift our understanding of wellness from just a consumer trend to a policy imperative for governments, businesses, and communities alike.” (GWI, Defining Wellness Policy, November 2022)

GWI chart on macro forces that make wellness a policy imperative

So what does support of policy look like on an individual level for coaches? 

Coaching has the potential to impact both the meso (living environment and community) and the micro (individual practices and behaviors).

GWI chart: wellness on the micro, meso, and macro levels

Furthermore, the tenets of coaching help bridge the gap between between the shortcomings of the medical paradigm and public policy by providing individual and community based services that drive active change in wellness, wellbeing, happiness, and community connection.

GWI chart of medical paradigm compared to wellness paradigm

As coaches, we are called to ask better questions about how we can make an impact. Remember: the micro affects the macro! The work we do with individuals and small groups ripples outward into society as a whole.

Some opportunities for coaches around wellness that we see include:

  • Facilitating micro-communities, both in person and online. Customized, smaller scale experiences will become increasingly more meaningful and potent.
  • Supporting individuals in attaining greater levels of self awareness so that they can better define how they want to feel, and how they choose to live
  • Serving as a leader and role model in your own community. 

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