How the Coaching Community Contributes to Human Potential

Lumia Coaching co-founder John Kim reflects on 2020, and the ways the coaching community contributes to human potential and resilience in times of uncertainty.

December 23, 2020

John's Reflections on 2020

John Kim

How the coaching community contributes to human potential and resilience during times of change

Yes, coaching involves helping other people. But when we think about the journey of becoming a coach, many believe it’s something we embark on alone. Like grad school. Or fitness in the 80’s. 

But coaching is a community process. That's what makes it so powerful. 

When you go through a coaching intensive / program, you connect with real people who have the same passion to help others - but also similar fears, struggles, and stories. As you go through the process of becoming a coach, you also go on your own inner journey. You learn about yourself and how you are wired. You do this with others. This process becomes therapeutic, many times healing, and creates authentic growth.

So you come out the other side transformed, closer to your potential than when you started.

And this is the true value of coaching. Not just learning how to help others. It’s learning about yourself and doing it with a community. 

That’s why when it comes to coaching courses, watching a video course will not give you much value. You may get knowledge but you will not get the experience of transformation. And without that, how can you really help others experience their transformation? 

We learn and grow through others.

We always have. We’re tribal creatures. A community helps us go through our storms and helps us build resiliency. We get support, encouragement, and our revelations by doing life with others. We sharpen each other. We make each other accountable. We hold space. 

And that’s what coaching is really about. 

The explosion of coaching is in itself getting people to go on their inner journey and come back to the village changed, a better version of themselves. And when you do it in communities, people are now growing and impacting the world at scale.

2020 is a great example of how life's turbulence and uncertainty can make us feel alone, isolated, and a sense of hopelessness. 

During this pandemic I’ve witnessed clients trying to get out of their quicksand by themselves. I’ve also seen students in Lumia Coaching doing it with a community of like minded people. And I’ve learned that when you do it through a community, it’s much easier to get unstuck. 

People raise you up. Their stories make you feel less alone. There is accountability and a common mission, which is greater than one person. If more people made a decision to grow through communities, we can scale growth and the world would be a different place. 

- John

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