Not Your Mama's Life Coach: Coaching Niches That Smash The Status Quo

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Coaching Niches That Shake Things Up

The status quo is the societal blueprint that instructs us to follow a certain path that sometimes feels set for us before we’re even born. We’re expected to do well in school, to be conventionally attractive, to embody heteronormative expectations, to get a “good” job, to build our wealth, own property and marry someone our parents approve of... and on and on. 

“It’s time to rip up the blueprints.”

You’ll hear that pretty often from Lumia co-founder John Kim. It’s a rallying cry to do away with the status quo and all it entails – and gain our own kind of freedom, making our own path in the world.

The status quo encourages and rewards us when we stick close to societal norms – which leaves little room for asking questions or challenging established ways of thinking. So if following the status quo is following the blueprints the world has for us, the opposite would be living in total alignment with your true, authentic self without giving in to external pressure.

This is exactly the work that coaching does.

Many people live under the weight of societal judgment, often feeling shamed for deviating from the norm. When we build a life using a blueprint that belongs to someone else, we end up leading lives that are not truly our own – miserable and desperate for authenticity.

This is where the coaching steps in and takes things in a whole new (more genuine!) direction. Coaches offer strategic support to help clients identify their core authentic selves and map out a path to live authentically. From relationships to career, hobbies, or any passion pursuits. The goal of coaching is for clients to lead lives that are genuinely fulfilling, breaking free from the pressure of the expectations of others.

Many graduates from Lumia's coach training program are emerging to challenge the status quo. These coaches are a new breed – they’re here to support you in embracing your authentic self, exploring non-traditional lifestyles, and pursuing happiness on your own terms.

Let's take a deeper look into some of the game-changing life coaching niches that are gaining traction – and see what coaching specialties some Lumia graduates are currently working in.

Neurodivergent Coaches

As neurodiversity begins to be recognized throughout communities and organizations, life coaches are catering to those with diverse cognitive styles. These coaches can help with navigating social and romantic relationships as well as managing tasks and making career choices. Within organizations, these types of coaches are helping managers and leaders create equitable environments for everyone.

Body Acceptance Coaches

Body acceptance is complex, and the goal of coaching is to help clients challenge societal standards, unlearn negative behaviors and embrace body positivity or body neutrality. Every client will have different goals and language around these intensely personal topics, but the end goal is the same - a deeper sense of self love and acceptance.

Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux works with clients that fall into this category in her own private practice. She and her clients look at all of the standards from society that are just plain difficult: female objectification, objectification in male gay circles, non-traditional models of sexuality and relationship, or getting comfortable with the natural size and shape of your body.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This work takes long term time and commitment, much longer than a traditional goal setting coaching relationship because moving the needle here takes repetition and practice. 

A few other Lumia coaches working in this niche include:

Relational Fitness + Friendship Coaches

It’s no secret that society is grappling with an epidemic of loneliness and isolation. Relational fitness coaches step in to help fill the void by helping adults form meaningful friendships. Part of being relationally fit is learning how to set boundaries, listen actively, and communicate effectively.

Some of our very own coaches tackle this in lots of different ways:'

For more on this topic, you can explore our companion blog and podcast Relational Fitness Coaching: An Antidote to the Loneliness Epidemic.

Sexuality and Kink Coaches

This is a booming field as people begin to explore, ask questions and discover what’s right for them. As our coaches would tell you, intimacy and sexuality is an incredible space for classes, content and to build community – and find clients. Navigating the world of human sexuality, these coaches offer a safe space for clients to explore topics like consent, pleasure, and finding their own sexual communities.

A few of our coaches involved in this unique space:

Non-Traditional Career Transition Coaches

This is one of the biggest changes individuals face – along with some of the most intense pressure to follow a blueprint! These coaches provide strategies, guidance, and support to ensure a smooth transition, allowing clients to pursue their unique passions and hit their goals too. The wonderful thing about this style of coaching is that there's many different paths to walk for each career, and many different guides with unique perspectives to bring.

Some of our Lumia coaches doing the work to get your gears turning:

Spirituality Coaching

Spirituality coaches cater to those seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, and this may not look like traditional spiritual practices or outcomes! There's a focus on the inner self, and coaches in this niche work with those who believe each individual has a spiritual core that can provide guidance, wisdom, meaning and purpose. A spirituality coach helps clients explore and align their outer lives with their inner values. This is definitely very different from business coaching or health coaching, in that it addresses the big questions in life.

One of our coaches doing this work, for your inspiration:

  • Finding Balance through Airing Spiritual Laundry: Zen Laundry
  • Spiritual identity, personal rituals and ceremony: Chris Clark of Firebird Rise.

Psychedelics Coaches

Coaches in this emerging field guide individuals through the use of psychedelic substances for therapeutic and personal growth purposes. Make sure you work with a coach who is properly trained and committed to creating a safe and supportive space to explore these experiences, ensuring the journey is truly beneficial and transformative.

One of our graduates in this space is Victor Ung, Conscious Plant Medicine Coach.

Financial and Shame Coaches

It takes a lot of bravery to tackle hard issues like money and shame -- but these are areas in which potential clients are eager for guidance! From managing finances and organizing life to dealing with the impact of internalized shame, these coaches provide tools and strategies to face and overcome taboos. (One thing to be aware of in this area is making sure that the relationship stays in the realm of coaching, and does not delve into financial advice or therapy.)

A few of our Lumia coaches doing this work, for your inspiration:

Travel, Art/Creativity, and Play Coaches

These coaches help individuals discover joy and fulfillment through travel, creative pursuits, and play. They encourage clients to explore their passions, break free from routine, and embrace adventure.

A few of our coaches that are working in this field:

Identity Coaches for Parents/Mothers

Identity coaches for parents, especially mothers, help people navigate the fundamental changes that come with parenthood. They provide support as parents strive to maintain their unique identities while also embracing their role as guide and caregiver to children.

And these are just a few of the unique niches that are out there!

As you can see, these coaches are changing the world of life coaching as we know it. They’re demolishing the one-size-fits-all model and instead working with people as they are – complex, genuine and real. Coaching isn’t about fitting into a box, it’s about breaking free to live a life authentically and unapologetically yours.

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