How to Share Your Story as A Life Coach

In this episode of The Everything Life Coaching podcast, John and Noelle discuss the art of storytelling and how it can help grow your coaching business.

The Everything Life Coaching Podcast, featuring Lumia Coaching founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, is a deep dive into the experience and business of being a life coach. Subscribe to get new episodes weekly! Originally published in 2019, this blog was updated in June 2022 to include new resources.

How To Share Your Story As A Life Coach

You've most likely heard about the importance of storytelling as a way to attract new clients and grow your coaching business. In this episode, John and Noelle talk about HOW to do it!

Quick Tips

1. Highlight personal experiences that changed you

Consider your life coaching specialty, and how that niche intersects with your own life experiences. If you are a business coach, tell stories from the trenches of your own leadership or entrepreneurial endeavors. If you’re a nutrition and wellness coach, what lessons have you drawn from your own relationship with food?

Whatever the topic, mine your direct experience. Challenges faced, successes, failures, and the lessons learned along the way. Do life with your audience - particularly those parts that relate to why they’re following you specifically.

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2. Talk about the people, teachers, and philosophies that shaped you

Each one of us stands on the shoulders of giants. Who influences and shapes YOUR path? Sharing what you’ve gained from your own circle of teachers, mentors, coaches and guides helps people better understand the ideas, influences and lineages that inform your point of view.

3. Let your challenges be a learning laboratory

Perfection isn’t believable, or real. By sharing some of the challenges you personally face, you normalize the reality of being human. Again, this is about doing life with people, which extends beyond simply offering people general tips and strategies on “how to do it better”!

If you're a relationship coach, for example, consider sharing your own stories of communication breakdowns, overcoming conflict, or dating disasters. In other words, what hasn’t gone so well for you, and how you’ve worked (or are currently working) through it.

Wondering how to toe the line between professional vulnerability and oversharing? Get John's take on it in his blog, Authenticity vs. TMI as a Coach

4. Share client success stories

Another opportunity that provides a window into who you are and how you work is through your life coaching client successes. Consider how you might weave testimonials, case studies, and other examples of the impact of your work as a coach into your personal branding.

Need to gather client reviews? Find out how in this guide: The Power of Client Testimonials (And How to Get Them!)

Ready to Become A Coach?

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