Redefining Your Own Level of Influence

In this episode of The Everything Life Coaching podcast, John and Noelle discuss the responsibility that comes with influence, and how to develop yours wisely.

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How To Be An Influencer (In All The Right Ways!)

What does it mean to be an Influencer? Odds are, that term is likely to elicit more eye-rolls than admiration. But that hasn't always been the case. So let's dig deeper than today's definition of a social-media influencer and get back to the roots of what it REALLY means to have influence.

To influence is to have the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.

The fact of the matter is that we are all influencers. Our actions matter, and in this way we each carry a profound responsibility.

Redefining Your Own Level of Influence

Know who you care about

Identifying your people is one of the best ways to redefine your level of influence. Be clear about who you most care about, and how you're showing up.

Lean into your strengths

The best way to influence others is to be authentic and show up as who you truly are. Explore what you're best at, and really lean into those strengths.

Know your values

Self-determination theory tells us that our well-being is strongly influenced by the type of values by which we live as individuals (Kasser, 2002; Sheldon & McGregor, 2000). Living from a place of integrity creates powerful ripples.

Share your perspective

The challenges you've been through and obstacles you’ve overcome matter. In fact, those very experiences may be the reason why you decided to become a life coach! And now here you are: on the other side, and ready to shine a light for others. Sharing your experiences can serve as a beacon of inspiration and hope. It's also what will put you in a position over time to influence a wider and wider circle of people for good.

Ready to Become A Coach?

One of our values at Lumia is that we dare to be different. Our life coaches ignore the expectations society tries to impose on them, and seek to live from their own truth instead. If you are ready to step into your power and you’d like a partner in the process, come check out Lumia Life Coach Training. Grounded in science, our ICF accredited program features authentic instructors, a robust curriculum, and business instruction to prepare you for liftoff.

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