Unlocking the Power of Belonging: Transforming Loneliness into Leadership (ft. AnnMarie Santamarina)

Explore the power of coaching, the importance of emotional intelligence in the corporate world, and the future of work in the midst of upheaval.

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AnnMarie Santamarina is a Lumia alumni, an author, consultant, + connection coach, who leverages 25+ years in IT leadership to guide individuals globally through her transformative coaching program, "Moving From Autopilot to Intentionally Connected." She is the author of From Survival To Safety: My Story of Adoption and Intentional Growth, a powerful memoir of one woman’s journey from living in survival mode for decades -- to embracing healing, growth and transformation.

With a unique perspective honed from two decades as an MSP owner + thirty years in the IT industry, she is passionate about helping her clients effect profound life changes through purposeful action. Based in NYC, AnnMarie is a travel enthusiast who draws inspiration from connecting with others throughout the globe. You can connect with her here

Unlocking the Power of Belonging: Transforming Loneliness into Leadership (ft. AnnMarie Santamarina)

The journey to becoming a life coach is as transformative for the coach as it is for the client. Noelle Cordeaux, CEO of Lumia, recently sat down with AnnMarie Santamarina, a seasoned entrepreneur turned life coach, to discuss connection, belonging, the corporate space and her own unique coaching journey. Her journey provides a compelling blueprint for aspiring life coaches and showcases the profound impact of this career path – no matter your age or circumstances.

They also discuss AnnMarie's book -- From Survival To Safety: My Story of Adoption and Intentional Growth. A powerful memoir of one woman’s journey from living in survival mode for decades -- to embracing healing, growth and transformation. AnnMarie candidly shares her own struggles with abandonment and unworthiness, revealing how these beliefs shaped her life until she decided to take control. Readers will discover how small, intentional shifts can lead to profound change, and how embracing vulnerability can pave the way to a life of purpose and fulfillment.

AnnMarie's Story: From Business Owner to Life Coach

After running a tech company as a CEO for two decades, AnnMarie felt an urge for a change—craving space and time to think, which led her to sell her business and eventually gravitate towards life coaching. This decision was sparked by her encounters with the work of Lumia co-founder John Kim, and further nurtured by her connections within the coaching community. 

What stands out about AnnMarie's transition is her intentional delay in starting her coaching education. She signed up for a cohort that began about six months after she became interested in coaching, giving herself time to research the world of coaching and prepare mentally and emotionally for the growth and learning she would experience within coach training.

AnnMarie credits Lumia with teaching coaching techniques and also facilitating personal discovery and growth. She felt the Lumia coaching school experience is immersive, allowing learners to practice with peers, receive feedback, and progressively build confidence in their skills. This process is essential, as it equips aspiring coaches with the tools needed to foster connections, inspire others, and drive change—skills that are vital in today's complex social and professional landscapes.

Plus, engaging in peer coaching sessions allowed AnnMarie to explore and understand her own narrative of belonging and identity more deeply. 

AnnMarie also highlights how initial doubts about her place in the coaching world were dispelled by the supportive and diverse environment of the Lumia coach training program. This aspect is particularly important for aspiring coaches to understand: the field of life coaching thrives on diversity of thought, experience, and background, making it a rich ground for personal and professional development.

Working in Corporate Spaces: Navigating Emotions and the Future of Work

AnnMarie’s journey didn’t stop at becoming a coach – she continuously applies her skills in various settings, including corporate environments where she introduces coaching principles to enhance interpersonal dynamics and emotional intelligence. She also pursued ICF credentialing, completing the Lumia Signature program – equipping her to take on further professional development as a coach. This adaptability and willingness to apply coaching skills in diverse contexts are what make a truly effective life coach.

In the rapidly evolving corporate world, integrating emotional intelligence and understanding the human impact of technological advancements have become crucial. 

“With the art and science of coaching the reason that we ask questions and the reason that we have a non-judgmental stance is to draw out of someone their readiness to engage with themselves, to engage with others and it's an opening of letting the rest of the world in versus trying to break through some barrier.” - Noelle Cordeaux

AnnMarie emphasized the significant role emotions play in the workplace and how recognizing and managing these can lead to a more productive and harmonious corporate environment. Her approach is deeply rooted in economic research, best practices, and empirically validated literature. 

These efforts are particularly pertinent as we navigate the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions, which promise to reshape how we work alongside emerging technologies.

AnnMarie discusses the profound changes brought about by industrial revolutions—from enhancing agricultural practices to introducing smart technologies that are a part of our daily lives. As we begin to edge into the fifth industrial revolution, the integration of automation in workplaces is coming, and with it – a significant shift in the workforce to adapt to new roles.

The World Economic Forum predicts that soft skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, creativity, and technological literacy will become increasingly vital. These skills are needed for leading and motivating a diverse workforce and also for creating an environment where employees feel connected to the cultural fabric of their organizations.

“How to motivate employees, as a leader like that was one of the things that kept me up at night. How do I motivate my employees? How do I keep them connected to my culture, and my business? There are so many competing things out there now, that people can work anywhere. Why are they going to stay and want to stay and work for me? Understanding what motivates people and having that self-awareness to be able to lead and manage them.” - AnnMarie Santamarina

AnnMarie's approach to corporate coaching involves not only addressing the immediate needs of communication and operational efficiency but also delves deeper into the emotional and psychological well-being of employees. 

This method reflects a broader trend in leadership that values emotional intelligence as a fundamental component of professional development and organizational success. The Lumia Signature Program offers advanced coach training to help new and established coaches launch a successful practice and prepare for international accreditation with the ICF. It’s also right for internal coaches, human resource professionals, and others who’d like to incorporate the tools of coaching into their lives and careers.

For those interested in pursuing a career in life coaching or integrating coaching principles into their leadership style, AnnMarie offers simple yet profound advice: take the first step. 

By stepping into coaching, you embark on a path that is both personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding, especially in an era where understanding and navigating human emotions are more critical than ever.

Eager to make your mark on the world of corporate coaching?

Coaching is a rapidly growing field that is continuously evolving. Even for seasoned coaches and managers, there’s always more to discover. If you’ve not already earned your ICF coaching certification, there’s no better time than now to get started! Come check out Lumia Life Coach Training - a program that's every bit as unique as you are. Grounded in science, our ICF-accredited program features authentic instructors, a robust curriculum, business instruction to prepare you for liftoff as an entrepreneur, and fellow students dedicated to becoming a collective force for good.

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