Emerging Trends in Coaching: Dance, Wellness Travel, Big Talk, and Food as Medicine

Explore current trends and how they can be applied to coaching practices, including dance in coaching, wellness travel, big talk and food as medicine

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To achieve success as a coach in today’s market, it helps to take  a closer look at what’s happening in the world around us, and consider how you can apply emerging trends to your own coaching practice. Some of what you’ll find may have little to do with your scope of practice, but you never know. Keep your ear to the ground… you never know what might spark a whole new idea or collaboration opportunity for you!

In this episode, we discuss a few recent trends and what they might mean for you as a professional coach.

The Resurgence of Dance and Incorporating Body Movement into Coaching

Dancing has almost certainly been around as long as humans have stood on their own two feet, but the explosion of TikTok dance trends has made it more popular in recent years. Dancing has deep roots in many different cultures and societies worldwide, serving as a medium for celebration, self-expression, and deeper connection. 

But what does dancing have to do with coaching?

Dance isn't just a fleeting trend, it can be a powerful tool for life coaches to harness in their practice. As we consider the current wellness landscape, the trend of curated experiences is gaining momentum. Whether you’re planning your first retreat or focusing on one-on-one sessions with your clients, integrating dance has the potential to enhance the client experience. 

Dancing releases endorphins, fosters connections, and is just plain fun for almost everyone. For coaching clients battling loneliness, seeking body awareness, or needing emotional release, dance can be a transformative tool as part of a holistic approach, addressing the entire person rather than just the problem. 

Wellness Travel: A Lucrative Avenue for Coaches

The demand for wellness real estate and travel experiences continues to skyrocket. Everyday consumers are seeking transformative experiences that rejuvenate their health, and the tourism industry is responding with offerings that engage on many different levels. 

In this sector, the focus is shifting to spending time in natural spaces, immersive sound baths, sensory experiences, and deeper connection. This shift reflects a felt need in our society to combat burnout and re-establish meaningful relationships in a post-pandemic world.

Life coaches have a unique opportunity to tap into this trend. High-end hotels and resorts are increasingly integrating wellness coaching into their services. For example, Aman Resorts in New York offers complimentary wellness consultations, focusing on stress, weight, emotional health, and sleep. Because this is an emerging field, there are numerous possibilities for coaches to make their mark – including those who specialize in various niches, from leadership performance to sexual wellness.

The SHA Wellness Clinic in Costa Mujeres, Mexico, is another example of what this trend looks like in the real world. They offer comprehensive programs addressing a range of needs, from detox and stress relief to sexual wellness. Such trends highlight the growing role of coaches in helping clients achieve holistic well-being through travel and real world experiences.

Big Talk: How to Deepen Connections in the Digital Age

“Big talk” refers to the growing desire among Gen Z and Millennials for more meaningful conversations. This need is particularly pronounced given the high levels of loneliness reported by these generations. Coaches can play a crucial role in addressing this issue. By providing prompts and frameworks for effective communication, coaches can help guide clients as they develop the skills necessary to foster deeper connections – from friendships to professional relationships.

Platforms like Hinge are evolving to support these needs, and there’s a growing demand for coaching services in educational and digital spaces. This trend presents an opportunity for coaches to scale their practices and offer a range of services, including downloadable resources, as seen on platforms like Etsy.

Food as Medicine: A New Frontier for Life Coaches

Food is so many things – comfort, nourishment and can be a hot button issue for some. However, the concept of food as medicine has gained traction in recent years, with an increasing number of doctors prescribing changes in diet and more outdoor activities. \

This trend has sparked a surge in platforms and services supporting this movement. In many of these spaces, life coaches are recognized as a vital link in helping individuals adapt to new health regimens.

In the healthcare sector, coaches are making significant impacts, particularly in areas like diabetes management. Apps like Noom and Season Health, which offer personalized nutrition support and are integrated into hospital systems, illustrate the growing connection between coaching, preventive health, and healthcare systems.

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