The Freedom of Being A Coach

Lumia Coaching co-founders discuss how they found freedom as coaches, what that means for each of them, and how you can build a joyful business as a coach.

The Everything Life Coaching Podcast, featuring Lumia Coaching founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, is a deep dive into the experience and business of being a life coach. Subscribe to get new episodes weekly!

The Freedom of Coaching

"Freedom is the single biggest reason why I hopped the fence from being a therapist to becoming a coach. That was the fire that made me create my practice, and everything that I'm doing today. It's in that freedom that we find play." - John Kim, Lumia Coaching co-founder

Creating your own path as a life coach is not just about understanding the technical aspects of building a business. It’s also about choosing joy.

This is YOUR path and you can choose, over and over again, to build it joyfully with self-compassion and kindness. Choosing joy doesn't mean building something and focusing only the pleasurable parts. Choosing joy means reframing when necessary, and learning lessons along the way.

There’s a lot of ideas we can share you about how to achieve freedom as a life coach. In this episode, John and Noelle discuss what "freedom" looks like to them. They talk about a typical week in their practice, experimenting with different ways to serve people, and developing diverse revenue streams.

Connect to Your Purpose and Use it to Propel You Forward

So much intentional effort goes into the decision to become a coach. If you're currently a practicing coach, how often have you returned back to your original source of inspiration? And if you're just starting down this path, have you clearly identified what specifically calls you toward the life coaching profession?

As the years pass and your practice grows, stay firmly rooted in your WHY. It’s the fuel that will keep you going when life’s inevitable challenges arise. Your vision and purpose serve as a compass. It’s what got you on this road to begin with, and can be a useful reference point to continue navigating by. As you weigh decisions in your business and life, your purpose can help you to make your choices from a place of clarity and intention.

Ready to Become A Coach?

One of our values at Lumia is that we dare to be different. Our coaches ignore the expectations society tries to impose on them, and seek to live from their own truth instead. If you are ready to step into your power and you’d like a partner in the process, come check out Lumia Life Coach Training. Grounded in science, our ICF accredited program features authentic instructors, a robust curriculum, and business instruction to prepare you for liftoff.

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