How to Sell Your Coaching Services Successfully (ft. Michelle Rockwood)

Discover the secrets to authentic coaching sales with Michelle Rockwood. Dive deep into the art of genuine connection and addressing the loneliness epidemic.

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Mastering the Art of Coaching Sales, Without All the Uncomfortable "Tactics"

Michelle Rockwood has sold real estate in one of the wealthiest communities in the world, has slept on a dirt floor in West Africa, and once raised a million dollars for charity over a single lunch. Now a personal coach and widely recognized sales expert, Michelle has helped hundreds of mission-driven coaches discover sales methods that feel fantastic, transforming their businesses and their lives. After personally hosting more than four hundred sales conversations and shifting entire sales teams into life-changing revenues, Michelle wrote Joyful Selling to share her knowledge with all the loving, heart-centered coaches our world so desperately needs.

A Conversation with Michelle Rockwood

In today's digital age, the art of connection remains pivotal. The coaching industry is growing quickly, but what remains unchanged is the importance of establishing genuine rapport and fostering safe spaces. 

Michelle Rockwood and Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux recently sat down to discuss how to approach genuine, positive coaching sales calls, emphasizing empathy, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Addressing the Loneliness Epidemic

Michelle began by noting the monumental power of initiating connection, suggesting that even saying "hello" could be life-altering for some people in the current world where loneliness is ever-present.

For Michelle, sales calls should transcend mere transactional interactions. They should inspire, allowing clients to visualize their potential journey. As Michelle reminds us, "People won't remember what you say, but they'll always remember how you made them feel."

Noelle's Radical Approach to Coaching

Noelle offered an insight into her coaching style, emphasizing its unique nature. With her foundation in human sexuality and alternative lifestyles, Noelle brings perspectives that challenge societal norms like capitalism and patriarchy. She stresses the importance of complete transparency with her clients, opening the floor for them to share their stories too. Noelle’s philosophy is not about catering to everyone, but about finding the right alignment with the people who can really use her services.

Sales Call Dynamics

The duo delved into the dynamics of sales calls, discussing objections not as barriers but as inquisitive queries. Michelle stressed the importance of creating a conducive environment, discussing financial aspects early on, and fostering vulnerability.

Noelle discusses how to differentiate between genuine intuition that a client might not be a fit and the ingrained societal pressure to secure a sale. Michelle emphasized the need to always scrutinize biases and ensure inclusivity in client interactions.

Bias and Inclusivity

Michelle and Noelle talk about the importance of moving beyond biases, especially in a world of increasing diversity. This means actively ensuring we aren't just seeking clients who mirror our own experiences or backgrounds, but are genuinely open to helping a diverse range of individuals.

A Message for New Coaches

For those new to the coaching arena, Michelle had invaluable advice. Rather than viewing sales calls as selling oneself, she encouraged coaches to see it as selling the transformative power of coaching. This detachment allows a more genuine representation of the coaching process.

Michelle wrapped up the conversation with some true wisdom – before every sales call, visualize the prospective client. Recognize their courage. Instead of focusing solely on the sale, create a nurturing environment from the get-go.

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