What's it Like to Be a Sexuality and Kink Coach? (ft. Maria Two-Straps)

In this podcast episode, Maria Two-Straps and Noelle Cordeaux discuss sexuality and kink coaching, new coaching niches and the importance of this work.

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Maria Two Straps

A conversation with Lumia alumni Maria Two-Straps

Maria Two-Straps (she/her) -- "I’m a firm believer that we can all change the world by simply strengthening our intimacy, our relationships, and having more orgasms. I am a Certified Sex + Kink Educator and Sex & Relationships Coach. At the core of my work as an “unprofessional” professional, is an intersectional approach to bringing the “taboo” topics of life to the forefront and stirring the pot of our bullshit societal expectations. Because we need more delicious spice on this planet. And I am here to help you become that." You can find Maria at Sex and Squats.

In this week's episode, Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux is in conversation with alumni and instructor Maria Two-Straps.

Maria and Noelle talk about the need for a safe, non-judgmental space for clients, practical approaches to dealing with shame, and the digital challenges faced by sex educators and coaches.

Creating a non-judgmental space for clients

Maria fills us in on the power of creating a space where clients can openly discuss their concerns, curiosities, and even fetishes. A significant aspect of doing this kind of work is being able to not show shock or judgment. Coaches must be educated to remain unfazed to help clients explore their sexuality openly.

Giving resources and squashing shame

Clients often lay out their sexual curiosities or concerns and are looking for acceptance, not shaming. The next step is to help clients overcome the shame often associated with these interests by offering resources along with real-life applications, like joining communities or attending "munches" (informal gatherings of people interested in kink).

Different approaches to exploration and education

While Maria provides resources directly to clients, Noelle encourages clients to find their own resources as part of the process. This fosters client ownership and accountability. Having a list of additional experts or organizations for referral is crucial, especially when boundaries are pushed beyond what the coach can or should handle.

Algorithm issues for sex educators

The podcast also touches on the difficulties of digital outreach due to the sex-negative algorithms of social media platforms. Maria recommends connecting with other professionals in the field to not only overcome the isolation that can come with this specialized work but also to build a strong referral network.

The good outweighs the challenges!

Despite the various challenges – the field needs professionals who can help people navigate their sexuality and relationships meaningfully. As Maria shares – if more people were engaged in meaningful relationships and had satisfying intimate lives, the world would be a more peaceful place!

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