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Lumia is Becoming a Level 2 ICF Credentialing Program

Lumia's coach training program is expanding! With Level 2, graduates will be poised to pursue ACC or PCC credentials with the International Coaching Federation.

Ready to Earn Your ACC or PCC Credential? You can with Lumia!

Lumia Is Becoming A Level 2 ICF Credentialing Program*

Over the past decade, we've helped 2,000+ adventurous people from all walks of life launch thriving practices that transform lives. So why change a formula that's working?

Simple: because we’re every bit as committed to transformation as you are.

The coaching industry is rapidly evolving, and we’re passionate about positioning our coaches at the forefront of that movement.  What this means for you is that we are making changes to our Signature coach training program to align with new ICF accreditation standards that go into effect in early 2023. 

Ready to claim your spot in the new Level 2 program? Early enrollment is now underway for our January and February cohorts. Learn more and register.

Who sets the standards?

The Lumia program is accredited by an outside organization--the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

The ICF is a non-profit, professional organization. Their mission is to support coaches and promote coaching as a profession. It’s the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. 

Getting an ICF credential is a way of showing legitimacy and higher education as a professional coach. Corporations that hire full-time coaches typically require an ICF credential for employment.

What’s driving these changes?

Over the past few years, consumer interest in coaching has exploded. The profession is expanding rapidly in response, and the ICF has not been able to keep up with the volume of applications coming in from people who want to become credentialed coaches. 

Trust us, this is a good thing for our field!

What it means is that there’s more market demand than ever before for well trained, credentialed coaches. And… it has also created something of a backlog in the short term.

To keep pace with these developments, the ICF recently changed its accreditation of coach training programs and introduced the Level 2 credentialing path. If you are familiar with the ICF’s previous model, the change looks like this:

  • ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) → Level 1
  • ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Programs) → Level 2

The ICF’s adjustments to their accreditation structure has, in turn, changed what’s expected of Lumia as an ICF accredited coach training program. 

We value our ICF accreditation and adhere to their standards of maintaining the highest levels of coach training. To meet those standards in 2023 and beyond, we are updating our Signature Program from a CCE Program (Portfolio Path) to Level 2.

What’s The Difference?

The ICF offers three coach credentials, which reflect your current level of training, experience, and mastery of the ICF’s Core Competencies.

Levels of ICF credentialing:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – 60 hours of coach specific education and 100 hours of client coaching experience

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – 125 hours of coach specific education and 500 hours of client coaching experience

Master Certified Coach (MCC) – Hold or have held a PCC Credential, completed 200 hours of coach specific education and 2,500 hours of client coaching experience

In 2023, we will be able to offer coach training for both ACC AND PCC Credentials under the new Level 2 pathway. 

What’s Changing with Level 2?

Up to now, Lumia’s Signature program has provided everything students need to apply for an ACC credential with the ICF. With our transition to Level 2, we become a “one stop shop” for earning either your ACC or PCC Credential. 

To meet the ICF’s Level 2 requirements we’re revising our curriculum, recruiting additional instructors, and expanding the length of our Signature program from 60 to 125 hours. We are in the final stages of approval from the ICF for meeting their Level 2 program standards and requirements, and anticipate this will be finalized in Spring 2023.

Lumia's Level 2 program now includes:

  • All training hours needed for ACC or PCC Credential
  • Live observation coaching with feedback in class 
  • Written feedback on recorded coaching sessions
  • In-house performance evaluation by PCC Instructor
  • 7.5 hours of group mentoring with PCC Instructor
  • Required 1-1 Mentor sessions with PCC coaches included 
  • New and updated live classes taught by ICF Credentialed Instructors

What Happens Next?

Our Level 2 Signature program debuts in June 2023. Students who sign up for Level 2 Signature and begin Lumia’s Essentials coach training starting in January 2023 will meet all Level 2 requirements, and will seamlessly step into our Level 2 Signature program when it launches. 

Level 2 is now open for early enrollment, and the first cohorts are already starting to fill. To learn more or to sign up, check out our Signature program overview.

If you are a current Lumia Essentials student or recent graduate who intends to do the Signature program, you’ve got options! Level 2 Signature is not better than our current program that runs through May 2023, it’s just different. We encourage you to book a call with our Admissions team to gain clarity on what path is best for you. 

Want to Become A Coach?

There’s no better time than now to get started! Come check out Lumia Life Coach Training - a program that's every bit as unique as you are. Grounded in science, our ICF accredited program features authentic instructors, a robust curriculum, business instruction to prepare you for liftoff as an entrepreneur, and fellow students dedicated to becoming a collective force for good.

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Lumia is accredited by the ICF as a Level 2 Pathway Program. Want to learn more about the ICF credential requirements? Click here for further details.