Mindfulness in Coaching

Lumia Coaching instructor Barbara Matias Haynes and Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux discuss how mindfulness can enhance your coaching presence.

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Mindfulness in Coaching

Barbara Matias Haynes is a coach, teacher, facilitator and a dedicated Mom of three. She is a Transition Coach that guides her clients through life’s biggest challenges. For the past 20 years Barbara’s background has included successful entrepreneurship in real estate and wellness, a thriving corporate marketing career, and deep experience in coaching and teaching in her private coaching practice. Barbara’s entrepreneurial drive and her strong, organized and thoughtful leadership fuels her achievements in all areas that she is passionate about. She’s held leadership roles in both large and small companies and understands what it takes to balance life and career.  

Barbara’s passion comes from her strong belief in the importance of 360 degrees of wellness. She's a firm believer of incorporating mindfulness into her work and supports this belief through her study and teaching of movement, yoga and meditation over the last 20 years. She is a respected coach and trusted leader in her community and has successfully guided her clients on the path to be their best selves.

To learn more about Barbara’s coaching practice, you can visit her website at www.barbmatiashaynes.com.

"Mindful awareness can be defined as paying attention to present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what is. It is an excellent antidote to the stresses of modern times. It invites us to stop, breathe, observe, and connect with one's inner experience." - UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

In this episode of The Everything Life Coaching podcast, Barb and Noelle discuss how mindfulness enhances self awareness, and the ways that these practices can improve our performance as coaches. 

Together they explore:

  • Understanding our “signature themes” and how our inner world impacts our work as coaches. Signature themes include the beliefs and patterns that form within us as a result of our own life experiences
  • How mindfulness practices help us distinguish where our signature themes may be showing up in our coaching practice in ways that may not be helpful to our clients
  • Learning how to be with discomfort in a coaching session, and how our mindfulness practices can help to create space and grace for strong emotions and challenging moments with our clients
  • The power of active listening
  • How mindfulness lengthens our attention span, allowing us to hold space for others more effectively

Barb’s tips for new coaches:

  1. Know yourself. Allow your coaching niche or specialty to emerge over time. By working on yourself first, you’ll coach from the strengths that come naturally and authentically from inside you.
  2. Coach as many people as you can. Becoming a successful coach requires practice, just like any other skill. Put yourself out there, offer to do sessions with a lot of diffrent people, and practice your craft. The more you coach, the more you’ll learn about your style and strengths.

Listen in as Barb and Noelle discuss how mindfulness forms the foundation of a powerful coaching presence.

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