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Navigating Lumia's Coaching Certification: Why Every Step Matters

Explore the Lumia Coaching Certification, ICF Level 2 accreditation and understand the importance of completing the full program.

No Steps Skipped: Understanding The Lumia Coaching Certification Journey

The process of becoming a certified or credentialed coach is enriching and rigorous, requiring a deep commitment to personal and professional development.

And, if you have already finished a coach training program, you might wonder whether you can bypass certain stages in the Lumia program.

We understand that students come to us from various backgrounds, including those with certificates from CCE-accredited programs, non-accredited programs, or ICF Level 1 accredited programs.

While we acknowledge and respect the knowledge that experienced coaches bring to the table, it's important to understand why the Lumia program requires completion from Essentials through to the advanced stages of Signature, and can’t be split into sections.

We’ll explore the reasons behind the requirements, the necessity of completing the entire program, and how to leverage your existing skills to enhance your coaching journey.

Understanding the ICF Requirements

At Lumia, our entire coaching training program is designed to meet and exceed the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) requirements for Level 2 accreditation.

This process is carefully structured to ensure that every coach we certify is equipped with the comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the professional field of coaching.

What are the official ICF requirements for getting a coaching credential?

The ICF provides three distinct coaching credentials, each aligned with the level of education and experience necessary for attainment.

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC): Requires completing 60 hours of specific coaching education and 100 hours of client coaching experience.

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC): Requires completing 125 hours of specific coaching education and 500 hours of client coaching experience.

  • Master Certified Coach (MCC): Requires holding or having previously held a PCC Credential, in addition to completing 200 hours of specific coaching education and 2,500 hours of coaching experience with clients.

Lumia, as a Level 2 ICF program, provides the training necessary for graduates to pursue either their ACC or PCC credentials.

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How the Entire Lumia Program Works Together

Required ICF Hours

The International Coach Federation (ICF) maintains strict and detailed criteria for certifying professional coach training programs – this is how they ensure excellence, and it’s a good thing!

The Lumia program, in its entirety, is certified to offer 125 hours of educational content, adhering to the ICF's standards regarding the mix of taught material, live instruction, practical experience, and other factors. 

Over the years, the Lumia program has been refined to meet these standards fully. The Essentials Track covers a significant portion of the hours and content mandated by the ICF for certification, which cannot be bypassed or substituted with external certifications or experience.

To achieve your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification through Lumia, you must complete both Essentials and Signature, together. 

Comprehensive Coverage

We believe in providing a holistic coach training experience that covers all necessary areas to enhance your coaching skills. Our curriculum is progressive, and at each point in the process assumes all students have received the same information and share a common point of reference

Every Lumia student begins with Essentials.

Essentials is a stand-alone foundational coaching program that provides everything you need to learn the craft of coaching, participate in live coaching observation, earn your coach certification, and launch a coaching practice upon graduation.

Signature is the next step in your coaching journey. If you are interested in picking up advanced coaching skills, or plan to pursue your ICF coaching credential, then Signature is the track for you. After finishing the Essentials program, you'll seamlessly move on to the next part of your training with Signature.

This foundation ensures a consistent level of quality and understanding amongst all coaches, regardless of their prior experience or education. An important reason for this is that many non-accredited coach training programs, while excellent, may not have provided you with the educational frameworks and behavioral markers that are specifically required for credentialing by the ICF.

A Higher Standard of Professional Excellence

According to the ICF Consumer Awareness Study, 85% of coaching clients value certification or credentialing in their coach. Completing the entire Lumia program ensures that you meet these expectations, providing you with instant credibility and increased visibility.

By requiring all participants to complete the full program, we maintain a high standard of coaching excellence. This ensures that every Lumia-certified coach has undergone rigorous training and assessment, reinforcing the quality and reliability of our certification.

How Can You Leverage Your Existing Training or Experience?

We understand that coming into our program with prior coaching experience or education means you have valuable insights and skills. 

Here's how you can leverage these to your advantage:

Deepen Your Understanding: Coaching is a skill that deepens with practice and education. Use your existing knowledge as a foundation upon which to build a stronger, more nuanced understanding of coaching principles and practices.

Enhance Your Skills: Practice, refresh and challenge yourself. Bring your prior experience to the practical components of the Lumia program, enriching your learning and the learning of your peers through shared experiences.

Network and Collaborate: Engage with a diverse community of coaches and instructors, leveraging your background to establish connections, exchange insights, and collaborate on coaching initiatives.

While we value and recognize the experience and education you bring to our program, the journey through Lumia's comprehensive coach training program is designed to ensure you meet the highest standards of coaching excellence.

By embracing the entire program, you're not only adhering to the required credentials but also positioning yourself as a Lumia graduate – a highly credible and effective coach ready to make a significant impact in your clients' lives.

Ready for so much more?

Coaching is a rapidly growing field that is continuously evolving. Even for seasoned coaches and managers, there’s always more to discover. If you’ve not already earned your ICF coaching certification, there’s no better time than now to get started! Come check out Lumia Life Coach Training - a program that's every bit as unique as you are. Grounded in science, our ICF accredited program features authentic instructors, a robust curriculum, business instruction to prepare you for liftoff as an entrepreneur, and fellow students dedicated to becoming a collective force for good.

Lumia Coaching: Vibrant community. Evidence-based life coach training. Lifetime support.

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