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Lumia Coach Training: Support, Connection, Community

Wondering what to expect from the Lumia's Life Coach Training program? Check out this overview of resources, tools, and support we offer our students and grads.

Want to become a life coach? It starts with choosing the right accredited coach training program. At Lumia, we offer the full enchilada: industry-leading instructors, community, and business launch resources. We’re here to support your success, every step of the way.

This isn’t a life coaching program, it’s a life changing program. 

When you join the Lumia community, expect to amplify your growth in a thriving network of fellow students, program graduates, and experts. 

Got a question? Someone from the Lumia family will always have your back. 

Need more coaching practice sessions? No problem. 

Want to run a business idea by an experienced colleague? We got you.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that together we’re a force to be reckoned with. From student and alumni affirnity groups to Coaching Mastery sessions and industry trend updates from Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux, a vibrant network of support is always just a click away.

And get this: community doesn’t end at graduation. It’s just the beginning! We offer Lumia students and alumni opportunities for continuing education, connection, and collaboration.

So, what does this look like in concrete terms?


As a Lumia coach-in-training, check out the list below for an idea of what you can expect in addition to your coach training coursework.

Monthly Coaching Mastery with Noelle: During these sessions, Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux takes participants beyond the basics of coaching. You’ll gain valuable insight into the broader applications of coach training and a window into the wide world of coaching industry research and development. Every session will focus on a different vital subject related to coaching that will broaden your horizons and your understanding of what's possible as a coach. 

Dedicated Class Coach: You’ll receive 1:1 support from your class coach, who walks beside you throughout the program and is available to answer questions at every stage of the process.

Coaches Cafe: Hosted by Lumia’s Class Coach Pam Davis, the Coaches Cafe is a regularly scheduled call to facilitate connection, community, and support for students and alumni. Topics vary from month to month, and each session includes time for checking in, sharing, receiving, and holding space. 

Cohort Connections: Dedicated cohort channels on the Slack app provide you the opportunity to get to know your peers outside the classroom, find coaching practice partners, dissect information and content from your lectures, connect with your group, support each other, and have fun!

Small Group Connections: Optional groups set up by time zone for connection, practice and support with your fellow Lumia coaching peers.

In-Person Events: Once you’re enrolled, you’re on the inside track! Students receive invitations to participate in Lumia’s full slate of networking, continuing education, and community building opportunities at events such as our annual retreats.

Continuing Education: We’re constantly adding new workshops and offerings in response to student interests and needs, including hands-on support for building your coaching practice that are available exclusively to Lumia students and alumni.

Additional Resources + Business Building Bonuses: Inside the student portal, you’ll find a wealth of resources beyond the training curriculum for extra self-study and learning.

Quarterly Bonus Workshops: In addition to your coach training curriculum, Lumia offers additional workshops on topics of interest to students and alumni. These offerings include topics such as: Digital Marketing & Social Media 101 and Deep Dive into Niche.

ICF Signature Coaching Demo + Practice with Noelle: See ICF Core Competencies in action through live demonstration. These sessions are led by Noelle or an ICF Credentialed Instructor, and begin with an observed coaching session that demonstrates specific behavioral skills and markers. You will then have the chance to practice the highlighted competencies to gain experience and validation in your ICF coaching skills.

Yearly Business Summit: Annual retreat for students and alumni to help build your coaching business and give you the tools, inspiration and momentum you need to kick your coaching business into high gear. Past workshop topics have included: 

  • Business Building: Routines and Systems
  • How to Find Clients
  • Social Media for Coaches
  • Group Coaching & Facilitation
  • Writing a Book That Sells with John Kim
  • How to Plan and Launch a Successful Podcast
  • Legal, Contracts and Who Needs an LLC?
  • Crafting Copy that Connects
  • Handling Finances, Accounting and Your Money Mindset
  • Making the Leap to Full-time Coach
  • Creating Your Coaching Packages and Pricing
  • Referrals & Building a Word of Mouth Business
  • Creating Branding that Works

BIPOC Affinity Group: Lumia's Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Affinity Group exists to offer mutual support, share resources, and provide feedback and recommendations to Lumia. BIPOC Affinity group meetings are exclusive for people who identify as Black, Indigenousand/or People of Color.

LGBTQIIA+ Affinity Group: A space to celebrate the vibrant community of LGBTQA coaches at Lumia, and to create a network of mutual support and resource sharing needed for growth and development as coaches.

Community Social Network on Facebook + Slack: A private group for students and alumni to share resources, ask questions, and give/receive support.

Everything Life Coaching Podcast: Hosted by Lumia co-founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux, Everything Life Coaching is designed to keep you connected to the latest in coaching -- from new techniques to real talk about launching your own practice. If it’s related to coaching, you’ll find it here!


In addition to lifetime access to the resources, events, and services described above, graduates of the Lumia life coach training program receive the following benefits and opportunities.

Alumni Online Portal: Stay connected with this online library of resources, event announcements, and job postings. The portal includes sections on: Graduation Perks, Starting Your Business & Getting Clients, Coaching Forms, Templates & Worksheets, ICF Resources: Coaching Ethics & Standards of Practice, Continuing Education, Calendar of Upcoming Events.

Profile in Lumia’s online Coach Directory:  All Lumia alumni get a profile page and inclusion in our grad directory, so you can send clients to a professional landing page, without having to build a whole site right away.

Alumni Benefits:

  • Lumia Coach Badge
  • Lumia Coach Directory Profile
  • Facilitate Workshops at Lumia Events
  • Publish Guests Posts on Lumia Blog
  • Feature on Lumia Instagram Page
  • Lumia Instagram Takeovers
  • Coaching, Networking, and Continuing Education at Lumia Events
  • Yearly Retreats and Summits
  • LIfetime access to student portal & training materials
  • Opportunity to sit in on new classes as they are added to the coach training curriculum

A Connected, Supportive, Global Network 

Our community of incredible people sets us apart from every other coaching organization out there. We have built a true network of life coaches who work together, play together, lift each other up, and cheer each other on through the ups and downs of life.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Check out what our graduates are saying:

"Why Choose Lumia?"

Image of Cat Simmons

“Lumia is progressive, creative, diverse....modern coaching for the modern world. I love the ongoing power of community as a connecting thread through theory, practice and support.” - Cat Simmons  IG: @littlegreenguru

Image of Barb Haynes

“For me it has been community, community and more community. There is an authenticity about the Lumia instructors as well as the students that is like no other. This feeling of authenticity is rooted in Noelle & John’s leadership and influence. There was no other coaching program that resonated with me the way Lumia has.” - Barb Haynes  IG: @barbmatiashaynes

Image Dominic Velando

“People had been encouraging me to become a coach for a while, but I’m a pretty creative and non-traditional person, and I didn’t see what I was looking for. I discovered John and Noelle's work and it spoke to me. I then discovered The Everything Life Coaching podcast and listened to every episode. After speaking with members of the Lumia community, it was an easy decision.” - Dominic Velando IG: @hyperfocusdom

Image of Milly Murillo

“Lumia changed my life! I was hooked immediately when I saw Noelle and John’s talking about what the program was about. I felt the sincerity and love behind their message and the way they practice coaching. I was certified back in 2017 and fast forward to 2021, I work for myself as an Astrologer and Spiritual Coach. I am still in touch with the Lumia community who has helped me so, so much... and it’s all because I decided to take the coaching certification program 4 years ago. I will always be grateful to Lumia for inspiring me, teaching me, and pushing me to become the entrepreneur I am today.” - Millly Murillo  IG: @astro_consciousness

Image of Kyrie Puaoi

“Heart. When I was researching other programs, Lumia was the only one that stood out to me as having heart. It felt real, true, authentic. A place that cared about me and my uniqueness and would work with me to evolve that even further, while training me to be an amazing coach.” - Kyrie Puaoi  IG: @mama.beast.mode

Image of Alex Streczyn-Woods

“It was Noelle. Over the course of a year, I researched other programs, but I kept going back to my interview with Noelle. Her care, passion, and clarity really drew me in. Also her description of the community, which is very appealing to me. She set the bar for all the other conversations and no one could meet that bar.” - Alex Streczyn-Woods View Coach Alex's profile

What to hear more more graduate success stories? Check out these Lumia Alumni Case Studies.

Is Lumia Coaching Right For You?

  • If you have an amazing idea for a coaching practice and want to get a gut check…
  • If you’d like to understand the future of coaching and the $4.5 trillion dollar wellness marketplace…
  • If you want to begin to use the power of your life story to make a bigger impact…
  • If you have a question that isn’t answered here…

… we encourage you to schedule a call with one of our admissions coaches! 

We love talking to people like you who are exploring the possibility of becoming a life coach. We welcome the chance to talk about all things coaching and discover if this could be a fit.

Lumia Coaching: Vibrant community. Evidence-based life coach training. Lifetime support.

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