Confidently Build Your Coaching Business (And How to Ask For What You Need!) (ft. Tim Brownson)

In this podcast episode, Tim Brownson and Noelle Cordeaux discuss building a coaching business, the value of standing out in the crowd and finding "your people"

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Tim Brownson

A conversation with Coach Tim Brownson

Tim Brownson -- "I have done what you want to do, twice. Unlike most marketers promising the earth to coaches, I have built two coaching practices and I have worked full-time in the coaching industry since 2005. I have amassed 38 years of coaching, sales and marketing experience. I can show you how to build a successful online practice but it will take patience, hard work, and commitment. There are no quick wins." You can find Tim at www.TheFullyBookedCoach.com

In this week's episode, Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux is in conversation with coach Tim Brownson about all things business, authenticity and hey -- even the value of pissing people off (for a good reason!)

Their conversation meanders through many coaching related topics: self-confidence, networking, niche marketing, and the art of building a coaching business from scratch.

The Importance of Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a fundamental element for success in any field. Many people have the technical skills for their respective careers but often lack the self-confidence needed to market themselves effectively. This can be a significant roadblock to success, even for the most skilled professionals. Self-confidence isn't about portraying an inflated sense of self but about genuinely understanding your capabilities and value. Self-confidence is particularly important for life coaches who need to establish their credibility.

Networking and Building a Business

There’s big value in networking and being genuine in building a coaching business. Those who succeed are often those who are most true to themselves. Trying to be someone you're not is counterproductive in the long run, as authenticity is crucial for attracting and retaining clients.

Niches and Specializations

Having a niche can be beneficial because it enables you to focus your marketing efforts on a specific target audience, making it easier to become an authority in that space. Brownson shares that he'd focus on a niche if he were to start his coaching business all over again. Cordeaux aligns with this viewpoint, stating that a niche can be beneficial but is not strictly necessary for success.

Being Likable and Authentic

Young coaches often wrestle with the idea of being likable to everyone. Cordeaux encourages them to reflect on their own motives for entering coaching —which usually involves a genuine desire to help others. Brownson concurs, adding that it's essential to focus on the people who genuinely resonate with your authentic self, instead of trying to be likable to everyone.

The Power of Asking

The importance of actually talking to people for growing a business is stressed. Brownson says that if he had to start his business all over again with no online presence, he would pick up the phone and call everyone he knows to ask for referrals or opportunities. This, he notes, is far more effective than hesitating to make the first move.

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