Breaking Taboos with Rena Martine: Transforming Shame into Sexual Empowerment and Authentic Living

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A 2021 graduate of Lumia’s life coach training program, Rena Martine is a former sex crimes prosecutor turned women’s intimacy expert known for her infectious energy, refreshing candor, and straightforward approach. She’s impacted thousands of women globally as a certified coach, educator, and speaker with a mission to reclaim the term “Shameless” as a badge of honor. 

A native Angeleno, Rena calls Echo Park home and happily lives around the corner from her partner. When she’s not chasing her Siamese cat Chooch around, you can find her connecting with people she loves most, with a smile on her face and (sometimes!) a bourbon cocktail in her hand. She is the author of the book The Sex You Want: A Shameless Journey to Deep Intimacy, Honest Pleasure, and a Life You Love.

Empowering Change Through Better Sex: An Interview with Rena Martine

In the latest episode of Everything Life Coaching, Noelle Cordeaux, CEO of Lumia talks with Lumia graduate Rena Martine who shares her transformative journey and insights into the power of sexuality education. Listen in as they discuss Rena’s experiences as a coach, and the publication of her new book The Sex You Want: A Shameless Journey to Deep Intimacy, Honest Pleasure, and a Life You Love.

“I think that is such a common coaching narrative for people: ‘I want to make this journey more seamless for others so that they don't have to go through all the struggles I did.’ That's certainly my journey. That's why I wrote this book. This is the book I needed. My advice to folks is to harness your story and use that as a way to serve others.” -Rena Martine

From Prosecutor to Empowerment Coach

Rena Martine's career pivot from a Deputy District Attorney specializing in sex crimes to a sexuality educator and coach is a testament to her own ability to reclaim, reframe and help others do the same.

After 14 years in the legal profession, Rena was at a personal and professional crossroads. Her transition to a more fulfilling career was sparked by a desire to help women navigate their most authentic selves and sexualities, inspired by her own journey of overcoming sexual shame and embracing a life of authenticity and joy. 

Rena's experience in the courtroom, dealing with the most intimate and traumatic aspects of human experience, equipped her with a unique and incisive perspective on the social and personal dynamics of sex, as well as the power it wields in our society.

Rena's decision to become a coach was crystallized by the pandemic and an existential reckoning that led her to Lumia’s coach certification program. This shift allowed her to blend her passion for positive psychology with her dedication to empowering women through intimacy education. 

Tackling Taboos: Polyamory, Threesomes, and Sexual Fantasies

Rena emphasizes the significance of addressing sexual shame, advocating that becoming shameless in one's sexuality can lead to empowerment in all areas of life.

In her coaching practice and through her book, Rena addresses topics often shrouded in taboo, such as polyamory, threesomes, and exploring sexual fantasies. She approaches these subjects with the aim of normalizing diverse sexual desires and practices, emphasizing the importance of ethical non-monogamy and effective communication. 

Rena's work is a testament to the value of open dialogue about sexuality, aiming to dispel myths and encourage a more inclusive and dynamic world.

The Power of Personal Transformation

Rena's journey from a career in law to becoming a leader in the world of sexual empowerment is a story that starts with personal transformation. What can happen when one person pushes back against the status quo and pursues a path aligned with one's passions and values? A more fulfilled life, a more authentic existence – and ultimately, a better and more open world.

Rena's work not only offers guidance to those navigating their own sexual journey but serves as an inspiration for individuals considering a career pivot towards coaching. The career you’ve spent time building can both inform and guide your future as a coach – if you want it to!

“If you can become shameless when it comes to sex, the most hidden part of who we are, the thing that we are shamed the most for as women and if you can become shameless when it comes to that – It's going to spill out into every part of your life.

I saw what it did for me and my own life once I worked through the sexual part of it. I started just doing things I was always too scared to do. The power of this work is that it gives you permission. That's a lot of what I do and the work I do with my clients gives you permission to say I'm going to do something just because it feels good. And that my happiness is actually a good enough reason to want to pursue anything I want in life.” - Rena Martine

A Call to Embrace Sexual Empowerment

Through her coaching, education, and advocacy, Rena is at the forefront of a movement towards a more open, inclusive, and understanding conversation about sexuality. Her work underscores the importance of confronting and overcoming sexual shame, advocating for a world where individuals feel empowered to explore and express their sexual identities freely and without fear.

Rena's journey and the insights shared in her interview highlight the transformative power of education and coaching in the realm of sexuality. 

As society continues to grapple with evolving norms and attitudes towards sex, Rena encourages individuals to pursue their desires, challenge societal expectations, and embrace the full spectrum of their sexual selves.

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