The Future of Coaching: AI, Authenticity, and Entrepreneurship (ft. Paul Chamberlain)

Lumia Coaching alumni Paul Chamberlain talks about his journey to become a coach, authenticity and the role of AI in the future of coaching.

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A conversation with Lumia alumni Paul Chamberlain

A luminary in the entrepreneurial space, Paul Chamberlain is not only a serial entrepreneur and Lumia alum but also an instructor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). 

Paul is also known as the Smart Funny Tortured Coach who has learned how to find the better part of our darker angels and shine a light on the unique gifts that make us powerful. Formerly a senior creative officer and serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, he contributed his award-winning expertise in branding, event/entertainment production, and pop culture to companies and industries that everyone knows.

Beyond his professional accolades, Paul's journey to coaching is deeply personal, centered around addressing the emotion he has grappled with: shame.

To learn more about Paul's coaching practice, you can visit his website at smartfunnytortured.com.

In this week's episode, Lumia CEO Noelle Cordeaux is in conversation with alumni Paul Chamberlain, diving into the world of coaching, entrepreneurship, and the emerging role of AI.

Passion Driven Entrepreneurship

Paul's perspective on entrepreneurship is definitive and steady: follow your passion over chasing trends. With his 25 years of experience behind him, he consistently emphasizes to his students the significance of pursuing opportunities and companies they are truly passionate about, advising against merely chasing the latest market trends.

Navigating the Coaching Landscape

The allure of coaching often lies in its promise of freedom and the opportunity to uplift others. In the middle of an evolving coaching landscape, Paul cautions against becoming entrenched in fixed coaching frameworks. Instead, he feels it’s essential for coaches to reconnect with their initial passion and let it guide their journey. Like any skill, coaching mastery comes with time, feedback, and mentorship.

The Authenticity Challenge in Coaching

Striking a chord on a universal struggle, Paul and Noelle discuss the challenges of how to show up as your authentic self in a world that doesn’t always reward that authenticity. They discuss the common fears associated with being truly seen and recognized. "Smart, Funny, Tortured," Paul's coaching brand, is a tribute to his commitment to authenticity and not hiding his true self.

AI, Technology and Scaling in Coaching

As Paul and Noelle navigate the world of group coaching and scaling, Paul underscores the pivotal role of the digital age, especially AI. To him, scaling isn’t merely about expanding clientele but effectively engaging a loyal base.

Making a case for the intersection of technology and coaching, Paul showcases the potential of AI in shaking up the coaching industry. He's currently creating a course tailored for coaches to make AI more accessable, showing coaches how to use it to assist with everyday coaching activities. Plus – how Paul uses Midjourney to encourage and motivate his coachees.

‍Want to Become a Coach?

One of our values at Lumia is that we dare to be different. Our coaches like Paul ignore the expectations society tries to impose on them, and seek to live from their own truth instead. If you are ready to step into your power as a coach, come check out Lumia Life Coach Training. Grounded in science, our ICF accredited program features authentic instructors, a robust curriculum, and business instruction to prepare you for liftoff.

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