Coaching Industry Trends: Navigating the Shift Towards Social Wellness and Connection

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The landscape of wellness has undergone major shifts in the past three years. Gone are the days of spa indulgences and superficial wellness gadgets as the definition of “self care.” Today, the wellness industry is gravitating toward a more science-based, social, and community-focused approach.

Wellness Then vs. Now

Before the pandemic, the wellness market was heavily skewed towards individualistic products and experiences, emphasizing solo self-care or "me time". Now, there's a clear shift in thinking:

  • Wellness is no longer about isolated experiences; it's about shared ones.

  • People are seeking a deeper sense of community and belonging in their wellness pursuits.

  • Empathetic wellness focuses on collective well-being, moving from the Soul Cycle trend to forming 'soul circles'.

This change is partially driven by the loneliness epidemic, which had its roots even before the pandemic and has only been exacerbated by it.

The Social Wellness Experience

As we have collectively emerged from social distancing and isolation, anarray of social wellness clubs and wellness collectives have popped up. Whether it's niche groups for specific age demographics or urban wellness hubs, the emphasis is on community, shared experiences, and collective wellness.

These spaces offer a wide range of activities, from mental and physical pursuits for children to spa treatments, fitness classes, and coworking spaces for adults. One notable example is the Little Houses Group. With plans to open a new family lifestyle club, Jesse's House, in London, the group embodies the modern wellness experience. 

The Driving Trends

Two of the major catalysts behind the rise of social wellness clubs are:

  • Remote Work: With a massive shift to remote working, people are seeking spaces to socialize, belong, and rejuvenate.
  • Generational Choices: Many are choosing wellness clubs over traditional social spaces like bars.

The Role of Coaches

This paradigm shift means new opportunities for coaches. As communities and individuals strive to reconnect, coaches are equipped to facilitate community building, foster relationships, and guide individuals on their wellness journey.

Outdoor communal gatherings are gaining traction as part of the wellness movement. Activities like "wilding", cold plunges, community-based travel, and even hot springs are becoming part of the communal wellness experience, signaling opportunities for coaches who are keen to carve their own path.

Sensory Integration in Wellness

In tandem with social wellness, there's a growing emphasis on multi-sensory integration in wellness. Coaches are in a prime position to tap into this trend, helping clients explore their senses and attain mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

Brands are reimagining sensory experiences, moving from a static to a dynamic wellness model. Whether it's accessing nature, understanding the calming effect of multisensory experiences, or exploring the metaverse, sensory integration stands at the forefront.

Preparing for Tomorrow's Market

For coaches and wellness practitioners, the future is clear: It's about moving away from a hyper-capitalistic, product-centric model.

Instead, the focus will be on fostering connectivity, community, and evidence-based practices. The modern consumer is reflective, seeking experiences grounded in evidence, connection to nature, and genuine community engagement. Coaches have a pivotal role to play in creating this new world of wellness.

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