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Ditch What Doesn’t Matter: Business Launch Tips for New Life Coaches

Lumia alum Sharon Bakcht breaks down the 7 common pitfalls you may encounter when starting a life coaching business, and what to do instead.

Guest blog by Sharon Bakcht 

Sharon Bakcht

Sharon Bakcht is the Founder and Chief Badass of Being a BADASS. She most enjoys working with folks who want to move from doing what they are good at to doing what they ‘effing love. Through 1:1 Empowerment Coaching, Workshops, and Mastermind Groups, Sharon guides clients to listen to your voice, shed "the shoulds", and set badass boundaries so that you can LIVE YOUR TRUTH. 

Sharon is a New Yorker at heart, mom to a crazypants kid, and voracious donut-lover. She is a proud 2020 graduate of the Lumia Coach Training Program. You can connect with her on Instagram @beingabadass or at

Ditch What Doesn't Matter... So You Can Do What Does

As a new coach are you totally overwhelmed by ALL the things? Is launching your business crazy-making? Yeah, it can be. 

You are so excited to hit the ground running because you love to coach and you kick ass at it. Yet the question of how to build your business has your stomach in knots and you’re spinning your wheels. 

I know because I was there.

Even though I have an MBA and 20+ years in corporate leadership - I’ve been where you’re at. It’s different when it’s YOUR business. It’s personal.

Being a coach is not the same as being an entrepreneur.

As Coachpreneurs, we have a lot of questions like:

  • How do I get clients? 
  • Should I build a website or go on social media? 
  • Do I create a workshop or coach 1:1? 
  • I’m putting myself out there, but is any of this working? 

The fears look like:

  • There are so many coaches out there. Maybe I should just do something else.
  • I don’t want to put myself out there.
  • I feel like an imposter.

Even well-meaning friends and family don’t really get what you’re going through as a new coach, trying to figure it all out - especially if you’re creating your own business.

There’s a lot of good advice for coaches out there - frankly, too much! It's overwhelming.

Every successful coach will tell you to do it their way. 

They all want to help. The problem is that they are not all saying the same thing. Build your business on Instagram. Start a podcast. Use video. 

So who do we listen to?

I’m here to tell you to do it YOUR way. Don’t twist yourself into a pretzel trying to become a social influencer if that’s not your jam. And if it is, rock it! 

It’s time to put all the external voices on mute for a hot minute and listen to YOURS. 

  • What do you find energizing?
  • What lights you up?
  • How do you most enjoy connecting with people?

It's Time to Shed "the Shoulds"

We all have them:

  • I should have a website before I can tell people I’m a coach. 
  • I should be posting on social media every day.
  • I should give my coaching sessions away for free because I’m new at this.

If that last one hits home for you, I’m going to break my own rule and give you some advice here. You actually bring a lot to the table, even as a new coach, and this creates real value and impact on people. So shed that “should”, own your worth, and charge accordingly.

These "Shoulds" are not helping you. They are clouding your judgment of what’s important. So ask yourself: Is this “Should” serving me? Is it truly something that I want to do? 

If not, bless and release, baby. As Elsa says, "let it go."

So to recap:

  1. Listen to your Voice
  2. Shed "The Shoulds"
  3. Ditch What Doesn’t Matter

How Do You Know WHAT to Ditch?

Read on to find out or check out this rad video:

1. The Fancy Website

You can start coaching without a website. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I’ll start getting clients once my website is ready.” N to the O. You can build a beautiful, expensive, life-consuming website and still no one will see it. 

Websites are nice to have, but they are not a must. To get started, all you need is a way people can contact you. That’s it. Perhaps you want people to find you on social media. Or you can create a simple landing page where people can drop their email. Don’t over-engineer it. 

2. The Designer Logo

Sure, you could hire a graphic designer... if you’ve got cash to spare. But you don’t need to. Create a simple and professional logo for free. There are tools to make this easy like Canva or using Word Art in Google Drawing. Start with something simple; you can always evolve it later.

3. Being Vanilla

Resist the urge to be everything to everyone, for you will end up resonating with no one. I know that’s hard to do as a new coach. We don’t want to turn anyone off, especially if we feel desperate to get those first few clients. The problem with that logic is that you will turn no one on if your message is too watered down and unspecific.  

If someone tells you “I’m a life coach,” do you have any desire to work with them? Your eyes glaze over and you move onto the next thing. 

Try something like: “I help people-pleasers and empaths to listen to your voice and set empowered boundaries so that you can LIVE YOUR TRUTH.” That’s either going to strike gold or strike out. 

And that’s exactly what you want.

It’s good to turn some people off. Someone else can help them. You want to polarize so that the people who are YOUR people will actually hear your message and get it. Getting specific on your coaching niche will deliver.

4. What Drains You

Pay attention to your energy. If it doesn’t energize you, don’t do it. Pivot to a different offering or outsource if needed. Take social media for example. I find it super draining. So I’m not on it very much, and I get help with some aspects of it from experts that love doing it. 

5. Comparison

We can go down the rabbit hole of how everyone else is doing it. STOP! Sure we can learn from others but when that comparison turns into negative self-talk, it’s time to nip that in the bud. Comparison can be a huge distraction and time sink.

YOU are YOU and they are them. The world needs YOUR voice. Period.

6. Self Judgment + Imposter Syndrome

If you question your worth and the value of your offering, it will get in the way of your business. 

If this feels like you, prioritize doing the work on yourself NOW. It’s time to address your demons of self worth, self value and any issues you have with money. I’m not saying you have to be perfect to be a coach. Not in the least. I’m saying we need to work on our stuff so that we can build the businesses of our dreams. I promise you, this will pay back in spades. 

7. Saying YES when it’s really a NO

If something feels like a NO - if it feels misaligned with your truth - be it a client, an offering or a marketing approach, be 100% honest with yourself. 

Ditch the FOMO (fear of missing out). Saying NO will help you focus on where you want to say YES! So you can show up authentically, aligned and fully in your truth. Damn, that’s attractive, isn’t it?

Ready to Listen to YOUR Voice?

Is it time to Shed "the Shoulds"? What’s one thing you are going to ditch today so you can do what matters? I’d love to know.

If you want more guidance to fight the overwhelm and get focused on what will really move the needle for YOU, let's talk about 1:1 Coaching Mentorship and the BADASS Mastermind for New Coachpreneurs. 

You got this, Badass!

Want to Be A Lumia Coach?

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