Facebook’s Hiring a Head of Coaching?!

Lumia Coaching founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux break down Facebook's recent job listing and discuss what it means for coaches, and the future of business.

What a Facebook/Meta Job Posting Can Tell us about the Coaching Industry

Recently, Facebook advertised a Head of Coaching position, which gave us a great opportunity to dissect and discuss roles like this one with our coaching students in Lumia's Life Coach Training program. What does it look like for a major company like this to invest so heavily in coaching? What does it mean for the world of work, and for us as coaches?

Some of the core themes we’re discussing in this episode include:

  • The breakdown between “personal and professional life” that’s occurred over the past few years, and what it portends for the future
  • How organizations are becoming more interested in teaching senior leaders and managers how to use coaching conversations to solve problems internally and externally
  • The major disruption that’s happening to the hierarchical “do as I say,” style of leadership that has dominated business for the last several decades
  • Why old models of leadership are no longer working, and how coaching is helping to redefine how interpersonal relationships at work… from the inside out

The idea that “relationships are important” heralds one of the biggest changes that’s happening in the business world. In this episode, John and Noelle break down the position description, and what it means. They also make the connection between how this posting relates to other similar opportunities in the business world, and how to prepare yourself to be a competitive candidate for internal coaching roles.

Here’s a copy of the position description so that you can follow along!

Facebook/Meta Head of Coaching Job Posting

The Learning & Development (L&D) team at Meta is committed to helping build the learning organization. We help find and enable learning to strengthen the contributions of our people and the performance of our company. To support our strategy, we are hiring a Head of Coaching Reporting to the Director of Leader Development, this individual contributor role will contribute at both a hands-on and a strategic level to shape and optimize Meta’s coaching programs, resulting in a high-touch, high-quality, specialized, and seamless experience. With a continuous finger on the pulse of the needs of leaders and a dynamic understanding of Meta’s Leadership Framework and expectations, the Head of Coaching will oversee a series of specialized offerings, be the primary liaison and spiritual leader to our bench of coaches, and eventually implement a compelling vision to take coaching to the next level.


  • Lead the coaching strategy for Meta
  • Match employees’ coaching requests with the optimal coaches through knowledge of what comprises an effective coaching engagement. Help guide the existing population of almost 100 executive coaches to ensure successful adoption of the programmatic expectations and best practices. Drive content and lead calls with our external coach population to share content, and continually take the pulse that our coaches have on the organization
  • Function as the primary coaching point of contact for leaders, HR Business Partners, and L&D Business Partners
  • Socialize coaching offerings with stakeholders, expertly resolving issues as needed. Produce and maintain a library of content on programmatic communication both internally and externally
  • Streamline and optimize current coaching operational processes, with a focus on both specialization and scale, including standardizing communications, identifying inefficiencies, and driving solutions
  • Ensure overall program health, including establishing internal quality control metrics and assessment, bench analysis and expansion, and alignment with company priorities. Provide regular data reporting, sharing insights on the impact of coaching with the global L&D team and relevant partners
  • Source, vet, and onboard new coaches as needed
  • Conceive and implement, end-to-end, a strong, high-quality, and scalable internal coaching capability (in addition to external) in order to build coaching into Meta’s leadership culture
  • Be fluent in Meta’s Leadership Framework and seek opportunities to help leaders and teams use it to grow their leadership
  • Participate as an active thought partner and strategic team member within the L&D team
  • Be a continual advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in Meta’s leadership culture
  • Serve as a thought leader by staying up to date on the latest research and current trends on coaching, including emerging styles and practices

Minimum Qualifications

  • 12+ years of experience within an L&D organization
  • ICF-accredited coaching certification
  • Experience launching, maintaining, and elevating an internal and external coaching capability at a large, fast-paced organization
  • Experience in complex global program management

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proficiency with sourcing, vetting, and onboarding new coaches
  • Proficiency with fostering strong relationships with senior leaders
  • Comfort with managing (or dotted-line managing) a team of coordinators/analysts that drive coaching operational processes
  • Familiarity with the technology industry and the challenges and demands it places on leaders and teams
  • Graduate level work in the fields of organizational psychology or leadership development

Starting salary: $276,000 + benefits


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