Coaching Podcast: How Long Does it Take to Become a Life Coach?

In this episode of The Everything Life Coaching podcast, Lumia co-founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux discuss what it takes to build a coaching business.

Building a life coaching business entails far more than completing a certificate and becoming an overnight sensation. That can happen, but chances are it's going to be a longer process. One of the first things serious new coaches develop is an understanding of the truth about how long takes to launch a successful business.

So, How Long DOES It Take?

Answer: It depends on how you want to approach your career

There are many ways to approach devleoping your coaching career. Maybe you want to be a coach and a writer, with a vision of having your blog be your main source of clients. Or it could be that you want to work in a wellness center. Perhaps executive coaching is calling your name. The options are endless. You just have to figure out which route you want to take and map it out from there.

In Lumia's 20 week Essentials life coach training program, you can and you will learn an initial set of coaching modalities and techniques that are deeply rooted in positive psychology. All these are necessary to become an effective coach and regardless of what route you take, these techniques will serve you and your clients well. To further develop and refine your coaching skills, we offer a longer training program called Signature. At the end of those nine months, you'll be positioned to pursue a coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation.

Flexibility is key. In addition to foundational human-centered coaching techniques that are taught in every reputable coaching program, at Lumia we also make sure that our graduates are equipped with evergreen skills that can be applied in various career paths and different types of coaching.

In this podcast episode, Lumia co-founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux discuss what you can expect on path to building a successful career as a life coach.

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