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Instructor Spotlight: Noelle Cordeaux

Get to know Lumia co-founder, coach, and instructor, Noelle Cordeaux and her love for the science of positive psychology as a sexologist and feminist coach.

Instructor Spotlight features our amazing coaches and instructors with the Lumia Life Coach Training Program! 

Noelle Cordeaux

Noelle Cordeaux

Accidental CEO, Sexologist, Feminist Coach


Coaching Agreement and Signature Themes

Every coaching engagement begins with a rock solid coaching agreement. Learn how to set the terms and conditions of the agreement, how to understand your “why” and signature themes, and how to bring your strengths and experience into your coaching practice.

“One of the valuable outcomes of working with signature themes is your ability to identify when your own themes are brought up by a client and then differentiating your experience from the client’s experience.” — Noelle Cordeaux

Exploring Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology for the win! Experience a live coaching demo on understanding strengths, dive deep into how brains work biologically, discover where negative emotions come from, howto deal with anxiety through a variety of coaching techniques and methods.

“Understanding anxiety is essential for coaching, because no matter what issue your client might be facing, anxiety will likely play a role.”— Noelle Cordeaux

Delving Into Neuroplasticity and Change Theory

Understand more about the science behind how humans change and grow, neuroplasticity, explore visual coaching tools, and add many more coaching interventions and theories to your personal coaching arsenal!

“Solution-focused coaching is pretty simple: you start with a future vision and work backwards, identifying roadblocks as you go.”— Noelle Cordeaux

1. Three words to describe yourself

Grateful, happy, determined

2. Your superpower is:


3. What are you most passionate about and why?

When I look out into the world and grapple with violence, inequality and the pain that individuals experience at an existential level, the question that I always begin with is "how did we get here?"  

An anthropological view of the world shifts focus or blame from individuals to systems. We can find great unity in each other, even across diverse thresholds, when we understand that every single human out there is subject to a family of origin, a culture, and a binding framework of internalized beliefs that they did not choose and may not be consciously aware of.  

The work of coaching serves to dismantle the power of of systems and structures by opening up the absolute potential of every person out there to choose a destiny based on internal strengths and values, like love or hope, that transcend social construction and provide a pathway for living outside of normative scripts. Our history can educate us but it need not define us. We have free will. We have agency. We have intellect. We get to choose.

4. Area of coaching that interests you the most and why?

My interests change and grow with me and I have gone down many roads over more than a decade in this industry. Right now I am predominantly interested in working with cis female identifying individuals to overcome the facets of the colonized mind that interrupt our capacity to access flow states AND I have become obsessed with how we can use the tenants of applied positive psychology to build healthy communities in person and virtually.

5. What got you into coaching and what do you love about coaching?

The person I used to be is almost unrecognizable to me now. I was so young, riddled with eating disorders, depressed, subject to the colonized mind myself in so many ways. I did not believe I was smart or capable. I did not believe I could do hard things. I believed that I needed to be led by someone else through life.  

By chance, I watched a documentary on quantum physics called "What The Bleep Do We Know?!," and then discovered Seligman's work on learned helplessness. The fact that there was actual science around creating one's own life and destiny as well as a science to developing authentic happiness blew my mind and in the end saved me. I have made it my life's work to make this science accessible to others.  

What I love about the field of coaching is that it is a great economic equalizer.  To gain a coaching certification and advanced credentials you do not need a college degree. You need your mind, a small sum of money, and and your god given will. You can rise as high as you like in the field. It is awesome.

6. Your favorite thing about the Lumia's coach training program?

And now I'm crying.  Actually I am going to start there. Lumia is a place where feelings are valid and where vulnerability is welcome. We do not shy away from the fact that life is taxing, inequality is real and interpersonal relationships are difficult.

We all come to this space with our stories and our dreams. We are not only given permission to feel but we are welcome to feel. And then, we pull each other up.  We offer thanks for the goodness that exists right along side of the unpleasant stuff and we refuse to bow to it.  

This is a training program and community that genuinely helps each other, along the way to certification, credentialing and beyond through brand and business building and in life. I find myself surrounded by incredible minds and generous spirits in this place and it humbles me to my core.

7. What's your #1 advice to someone who is interested in becoming a coach?

Just go for it.  You have not met your future self yet and if you knew how much that person is capable of it would scare the shit out of you. Ease into this work with an open heart and intention. You will be transformed and it will be the journey of a lifetime.

8. Where can people find you online? + @noellecordeaux (for pics of my dog)

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