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Life Coach Spotlight: Jay Zaltzman

Get to know coach Jay Zaltzman and his journey to coaching and helping transform people's business lives.

Coach Spotlight is our chance to shine a light on some of the amazing graduates of Lumia's coach training program! 

Name: Jay Zaltzman

Jay says his superpower is empathy and his expertise is business strategy. Over the past twenty years, he has worked with companies large and small, helping executives and business owners address marketing challenges and define business strategy.  He provides coaching, market research and marketing consulting. Jay feels it is important to go beyond people’s rational thinking and also understand their emotional and subconscious motivators.  

Jay is based in Palm Springs, California, where he is co-founder of Salon for the Parched, a local think tank.


1. What was your biggest takeaway from Lumia's coach training?

I learned so much during the program, but if I had to choose one thing, I think it was understanding that all coaching boils down to this: helping the client figure out what they want and then helping them figure out how to achieve it. Of course, those questions aren’t necessarily easy to answer, but the training provided me with that clarity, which has been very helpful in my work since then.

2. How did you transform personally during the program?

I had done a great deal of self-study before the program, but had very few opportunities to actually coach people.  The Intensive gave me the hands-on experience I needed, along the support of my fellow students as well as the whole community of coaches through the Facebook group.  By the time I completed the program, I felt completely confident in calling myself a coach.

3.  How are you practicing coaching today?

I focus on business coaching, since that was a logical way to expand my existing market research and consulting business. I have one-on-one clients, recently ran an eight-week group Mastermind group, and am working to grow the coaching side of my business further.

4. From a business perspective: What did you gain from completing the program?

The program helped me define my focus on business coaching. It gave me the confidence to offer (and charge for) my services both as a one-on-one coach and running a group program.  And the Lumia community is a continual support to me both from a business perspective and from a coaching perspective.

5. What would you say to someone who’s interested in taking the program?

I recommend Lumia's coach training program.  First, it provides a great theoretical foundation, teaching about various coaching approaches and how to handle a variety of coaching situations. Second, it provides the opportunity for hands-on coaching practice, which I found invaluable. Third, it provides a great deal of support in developing your business as a coach. And finally (and perhaps most important), you will become part of a community of coaches, which will be a great support both during the program and afterward.

Ready to Become A Coach?

One of our values at Lumia is that we dare to be different. Our life coaches like Jay ignore the expectations society tries to impose on them, and seek to live from their own truth instead. If you are ready to step into your power and you’d like a partner in the process, come check out Lumia Life Coach Training. Grounded in science, our ICF accredited program features authentic instructors, a robust curriculum, and business instruction to prepare you for liftoff.

Lumia Coaching: Vibrant community. Evidence-based life coach training. Lifetime support.

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