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Community Spotlight

Life Coach Spotlight: Shay Hadley

Get to know coach Shay Hadley and her journey to coaching! Every Lumia Coach is different, and Shay Hadley's journey to full time coach is a great example.

Coach Spotlight is our chance to shine a light on some of the amazing graduates of the Catalyst Coaching Intensive! 

Shay Hadley

Name: Shay Hadley
Passionate about Life Design, Positive Psychology & Goal Attainment Theory

Full-time Success Coach at
Growth.com  (a company co-founded by Ethan Willis, Brendon Burchard, and Dean Graziosi)

Here's the truth: I found my own power while in this program.

I have always been a positive psychology and self-development junkie. However, in order to coach at a high level you need three very important things:

1. An appreciation for your own individual strengths and unique perspective

2. Confidence in your ability to use those strengths and that perspective to help others grow into their best selves

3. A loving support system that can help guide you to success

All of these things I got from the JRNI team.

My biggest take away from the Intensive was a wealth of knowledge, which in turn gave me confidence. After completing the Intensive, I knew with absolute certainty that I could coach someone using the tools and techniques I was taught. I was so confident in this because I witnessed first hand these theories, techniques, and tools working for myself.

I transformed tremendously while in the Intensive. I went from seeing myself as shy and reserved to seeing myself as wise, introspective and intuitive. I found my true power within. If that’s not an identity shift, I don’t know what is. :)

I am now a full-time coach working for growth.com (a company co-founded by Ethan Willis, Brendon Burchard, and Dean Graziosi). In addition to working for Growth, I also have my own independent coaching practice where I work one-on-one with clients on internal and external life design strategies.

Taking the Intensive catapulted my coaching career leaps and bounds, and I will be forever grateful for the experience. The success I have seen is a result of the Catalyst Coaching Intensive. And as a successful coach, if there’s any advice I could share with you, it’s to give yourself permission to go for it.

Want to learn more about becoming a coach? Discover the Catalyst Coaching Intensive. Evidence-based training. Supportive community. Lifelong support.

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