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FIVE Marketing Priorities to Boost Your Coaching Business Fast

Struggling with how to find coaching clients? Check out these tips from brand strategist Michelle Rabell to increase visibility & grow your coaching business.

Guest Blog by Michelle Rabell

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Michelle is a co-creator of big visions! She's a marketing and brand strategist, an international business coach, and a graduate of Lumia's Life Coach Training program. She’s also the CEO of Biz.Life.Love. Coaching, and the creator of the Elevate 360 Virtual Mastermind. She helps soul-aligned experts, practitioners, and entrepreneurs to scale past 6-figures, so they can live an inspired life doing what they love.

To follow Michelle’s work, visit her website, Soul-Aligned CEO Facebook group, or IG account.

 Want to Get More Coaching Clients? Here's How

You likely became a life coach because you wanted to make a difference, help people, share the wisdom you gained from surviving and thriving past your own struggles.

But now, you’re faced with marketing and “selling” yourself, which can feel like a force that’s pulling you in the opposite direction of your purpose. Of course, this is frustrating because you’re smart, willing to do the work, and deep down you know you can create something successful.

But you either don’t know HOW, or you’re anxious from the fears and vulnerability that come from becoming a personal brand. 

Thing is, you could probably sell something you believe in – just think of any product you love. You’ve probably already successfully sold it to your friends just by raving about it!

So why is this different?

It’s different because now YOU are the product. Ick!

Truth is, as a life coach, expert, or practitioner with a service-based business – you need to learn how to leverage social media, online marketing, brand building, and selling.

Before you go running for the hills, please know this: Your soul-aligned, ideal clients are out there... and they need you more than ever! Your opportunities are limitless. Prospective clients are out there searching, but they don’t always know exactly what they’re searching for.

It’s your job to help them find YOU.

You do this by:

  • Positioning yourself as the expert
  • Standing out online
  • Being top-of-mind

You can get into creating a lot of complicated funnels, lead magnets, fancy websites and the latest and greatest that tech brings to make this all happen. But you don’t have to do it this way.

I had 1-1 clients, small groups, and grew my mastermind for a year, and... my website was down the entire time!

I’m not suggesting you ditch the website. But it’s essential to develop a marketing strategy. You need to PRIORITIZE the things that are going to actually get you paying clients faster – so that you can then invest in your website and those other things if you want.

Oftentimes, holding back on your business to get every single thing ready and in functioning order, is a fabulous procrastination technique! 

You can start NOW from wherever you are in your process.

Want to attract clients fast? Here are FIVE priorities that will have a positive financial impact on your coaching or consulting business.

#1: Be SEEN

When it comes to being seen, all the fears come up – fear of failure, fear of success, and one that is very prominent is the fear that you’re not good enough –  IMPOSTER SYNDROME.

When this comes up you’ll be tempted to go and get another certification, take another course, another program, join another group, collect more and more… because you think that learning MORE will make you worthy and capable of being a great life coach.

BUT you don’t need another degree or another certification to prove your value.

You simply need to START.

Do this by showing up and BEING SEEN (consistently!)

There are so many ways of showing up online these days, so I recommend you do what aligns with your “Zone of Genius.” Listen, not everyone is going to be great at video or running Facebook groups, and you don’t HAVE to do it that way. There are so many other ways to get yourself out there.

To create content that aligns with you, consider:

  • How are you wired?
  • Do you do better with short content, long blog posts, video, audio…?

#2: Collaborate

Being Seen (AKA, Brand Visibility) does NOT necessarily happen from posting MORE and MORE content. That will just get overwhelming and splatter your focus onto those non-priority activities.

Instead, think about how you can maximize your reach – with LESS work.

True visibility comes from GROWING your reach beyond your circles. To do this, you can network in other groups online, connect with colleagues and other experts and partner up. Create a system to be a guest on podcasts, get your articles into larger publications, and get interviewed by the media. 

When you do this, you will exponentially expand your exposure to prospective clients because you’ll be reaching new and wider audiences.

#3 Stop Comparing

I know it can be intimidating when you see so many life coaches dominating the airwaves. Please know that where you are now, they once were as well. You’re seeing their “after.” Believe me, they didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to do any of this. They had to go through the process as well.

So, get out of the perfectionist hustle AND JUST BE OF SERVICE rather than worrying about comparison or what people think. 

Otherwise, you won’t get much done because you’ll never reach PERFECT.

#4 Know Your Niche

If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. If you try to sell to everyone, you sell to no one. I’m sure this is not news to you. But most people resist niching down because they’re afraid of leaving people out. 

That’s not how it works.

Get super clear on your ideal clients, and what their problem is right now. (Be sure to take into consideration how they’re responding and being affected by current events.)

Here’s the key - if you can learn how to speak their language, your ideal clients will hear you.

#5 Ask!

More content for content’s sake will not get you results.

Your content must have a purpose! Everything you do is about promotion in one way or another. And there’s nothing wrong with that. “Promotion” for you as a personal brand does not have to feel gross.

Your content should always position you as the expert and have a call to action.

A call to action (CTA) asks your audience to do something with each post, whether it’s to leave a comment, a high-five, or to click on a link, set up a complimentary call with you, sign up for a webinar, or grab your free offer.

If you think that feels pushy, I get it. But just consider how fast people are scrolling and how distracted they are. Telling them exactly what to do HELPS them! I personally love a good call to action that gets me out of my scrolling stupor!

Help them out. Throw them a line. 

If you don’t ask, they’ll just keep scrolling. And then your chances of them coming back are extremely limited. Again, think about all the distraction they’re facing as they scroll.

If you ask and engage, then you can connect – and that’s where the magic happens.

Don’t go at this alone - having the right support system and a community will transform your business and help you to become limitless. You can join my private Facebook Community –  BE SEEN  - Soul-Aligned CEOs Ready to Elevate – for ongoing support, or Register for my [Free] 5-Day Personal Brand Formula Workshop that's happening this week to learn how to authentically increase your brand visibility & grow your client base online.

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