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From Mechanical Engineer to Coach: Meet Kane Moore, Sales Account Manager and Coach

Discover what it takes to find clients and make the move from mechanical engineer to internal coach, and how Kane Moore created a more fulfilling career

In our Case Study series, we're diving into the personal journeys, the real-life ups and downs, and the unique paths of Lumia graduates. Discover how real coaches found their way to coaching, built their businesses, and get clients!

Every interview is a window into the life of someone who has embraced coaching as a way to not only change their own lives, but also to impact others. These conversations are about connection, growth, and the diverse ways each coach brings their authentic self to this meaningful and important work. 

From Mechanical Engineer to Coach: Meet Kane Moore, Sales Account Manager and Coach

Kane Moore's life passion is to  support individuals in achieving their most ambitious dreams. Kane finds immense joy in helping his clients enhance their self-awareness. In his view, that’s an essential building block for constructing effective strategies to accelerate their results and create their dream lives.

As a coach, Kane acts as an ally for those prepared to make changes, take action, and reach their full potential. Those who partner with him gain a supporter who genuinely has their best interests at heart. He accompanies them on their journey, offering honesty, delivering insights that others may shy away from, and providing accountability in whichever form they prefer. This support is all in the service of helping them become the best versions of themselves.

You can find Kane Moore at Moore Action Coaching.

Please introduce yourself and describe your niche as a life coach.

My name is Kane Moore and I'm a leadership coach.

I focus on leaders in any facet of life, whether it be yourself, your family, your kids, a group at work, a community volunteer – anybody out there who's a leader. 

What’s your professional background before becoming a coach?

I am a mechanical engineer. I went into technical sales from there and have held a technical sales / account manager role ever since – working directly with managing people and teams.

I've always been ambitious to get better, to be successful – though my definition of success has changed! I started to listen to self help and coaching podcasts in about 2017. 

A friend of mine asked me to coach him in a new role. I thought, “I need training on this.” 

I came across Lumia in my search. Getting trained as a coach for Lumia opened doors for me. It went from “I enjoy doing this and helping people” to recognizing that I could coach for a career. 

It allowed me to really focus on the thing I'm most passionate about, which is supporting and helping people be the best version of themselves. I coach in my job, and am also creating my own coaching business on the side.  I'm more excited for the future because of it.

What does your life coaching practice look like now?

I'm now an internal coach at my company where I was already in sales and account management. I've been part of creating a coaching culture and an internal coaching group for the company. Now I have eight internal coachees. 

I'm getting reps in. I'm getting practice and I'm getting to do something that I really love. It's something I am fulfilled in.

How did you create an internal coaching program at your workplace? 

In my quarterly review, I made it a point to be very open and honest with them about where I wanted to go with my future. I began to explore with them different ways that I could get involved with coaching at our company. That opened up doors along the way. It allowed me to speak to more and more people about coaching. 

I was given the opportunity to begin to coach one person. Then another one. I was very open and honest with my manager to say,” I've got 10% of my bandwidth that I could go do this and I can still handle all my other tasks.” And nothing got taken off my plate. I took it upon myself to add more.

How has your work/life balance shifted since completing Lumia?

I've taken on more work, but I'm more intentional with it. I have my regular role and I've added responsibilities to that. I've also got my side hustle – my coaching business that I'm working to grow. I'm more fulfilled. 

How have your coaching skills tangibly impacted your workplace and the team you're a part of? What have been some of those outcomes?

Coaching skills have opened doors for me. They've given me more opportunities.

I now get to run workshops on mindset within my role. I get to support teams in helping them communicate better within themselves. I have opened doors for speaking opportunities. The coach training that Lumia provided has helped me get better with all of those skills. 

What differences have you observed in the people you've coached in your role at work?

I've been able to support leaders to be better leaders and managers of people to get engagement and support from their teams. It's helped them become better servant leaders.

The most common thing that I support leaders with is their ability to communicate more clearly and effectively with their teams. With better communication, everyone's expectations are set better, people's understanding of each other and things that need to be done are handled better. 

What strategy or tips do you wish you knew at the start of your journey to becoming a life coach?

Be clear that this is something that you really want to do, that you are passionate about. Don't get into it because you think it's gonna be easy. I don't think there's anything out there that's easy, but if you're really passionate about it at the beginning of the journey, and you enjoy seeing people succeed and watching them be fulfilled in the best version of themselves, I don't think there's anything more fulfilling than doing this.

Go get the training. Make sure you're practicing. Make sure you're willing to seek feedback. I think if you want to be a coach, you have to always be growing. I have my own personal coach. I am always seeking feedback. I am always trying to learn. I'm not someone superior or ahead of anyone else. I'm somebody else on a journey just like the rest of us. 

The more challenging part is not the actual coaching of the people, it's finding people who are ready to invest in coaching and or finding those people that desire coaching. 

How did Lumia impact your personal growth and development?

Lumia accelerated my personal growth and development because they gave me a real structured way to uncover unknowns – of myself, of my biases – to help me build a skill set and fill my coaching toolbox with more tools to help me be an effective coach.

I'd say one of the biggest areas I've grown in is my self-talk. 

Lumia’s coach training program helped me understand how much the words we use matter. I hadn't realized the way that I spoke to myself, how much my self-talk was affecting my belief in myself, and how much of an undertone of criticism there was of me towards myself rather than a view of opportunity. That was absolutely necessary for me to be able to grow and believe that I could pursue this as a real avenue to make a living and to make a difference.

How has coach training with Lumia changed your communication style and relationships?

The program has improved every single bit of my communication style.

Before the training, I was someone with the best of intentions that was giving direction, giving my opinion, always sharing. I didn't realize how ineffective it was and how resourceful people are, when you give them the chance. 

Lumia helped me become a better communicator in every facet of life, whether it be coaching, my personal relationships, my work relationships, or in my sales role. 

Has coach training changed your experience of empathy or compassion?

My level of acceptance from increasing my level of curiosity is night and day different. I always had the best of intentions for things before, but I struggled. I didn't have the awareness that life has given all of us different experiences and taught all of us different things. I didn't have the ability to empathize with people the way I do now. 

What was your experience of getting your ICF credential?

The process to get my International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification was mapped out well by Lumia. If you follow Lumia’s path for you to get your ICF certification, you've got 75% of it done. And then the other steps are to continue to practice as a coach –  hone your skill, improve your skill, and remind yourself of all the training. In doing that, in staying in contact with the support system at Lumia, you can figure it out.

How did you prepare for the ICF credentialing exam?

I prepared by practicing as a coach. I prepared by reminding myself of the different things that we were taught in Lumia. The test is long. And at the end of it, my brain was a bit fried. I wasn't going to do any coaching that day, that's for sure! I was very prepared by Lumia to be able to pass the test.

Have you seen an increase in your income or client base since completing Lumia?

Prior to the program I had never billed for my own personal coaching, and now I have a profitable coaching business.

How would you describe the quality of the Lumia instructors and curriculum?

The quality of the instructors was fantastic. Every one of them was extremely professional, helpful, knowledgeable and humble. I felt supported. 

How was your experience of the Lumia community?

I have built lifelong friendships with the people from the Lumia program. If I need something and or if I ask in our online community for support with something, there's always somebody there that's ready to help. Very supportive and helpful in any and all aspects of coaching and personal development and growth

How has the ongoing support from Lumia, in terms of continuing education, networking, and resources, contributed to your success as a coach?

Without the ongoing support from Lumia and members of my training cohort, I wouldn't have begun to build a successful coaching business. They continue to be a sounding board and a support system for me. You need to surround yourself with coaches and stay connected to them, you have more resources and more hope to navigate through the different challenges you'll find along the way.

Would you recommend Lumia coach training to others?

Lumia coach training has made my life better in every way. Whether I am going to actually be a coach or use it to be a father, significant other or member of the community or team member at a job. It's made me a better listener, a better communicator. It's made me more empathetic, more understanding and helped me to stay curious longer. It's helped me to build better relationships on all fronts.

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