Life Coaching Industry Trends 2022 - Part 2

Lumia Coaching co-founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux discuss industry trends, highlighting six coaching specialties that are now on the rise.

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2022 Life Coaching Industry Trends

In Part One of this series, we took a look at societal factors and industry updates that are impacting the business of life coaching. In this episode, we're niching down into the particular coaching specialities that are hot right now.

#1: Coaching is reaching historically underserved populations 

Now more than ever before, very specific populations are looking for the right fit with a coach to support them in overcoming systemic barriers. Some examples of what this looks like in the coaching marketplace include:

  • BIPOC focused service providers
  • Coaches who work exclusively with female executives
  • Sexuality coaches: kink, poly, pleasure
  • End of life coaching
  • Coaches who serve seniors looking to start a third, forth, or fifth career

“Cultivating Creativity” is also emerging as a trend for coaches to take note of. Coming out of the pandemic, we’re witnessing people from all walks of life wanting to sing, write, and make art. 

As a coach, you can expect that these and other niche populations will be more actively seeking out visible and trusted voices to help them reach their goals. 

Source: Global Wellness Summit 2022

#2: Renewal through nature remains a hot topic

Coaches can expect clients to be looking for retreats and experiences where they can learn a new land-based skill, or immerse themselves in the natural world. If you’re offering retreats, take note that the regenerative farm is becoming more important to many consumers than a spa/resort experience. 

Source: Global Wellness Summit 2022

#3: People want to manage their finances with more intention 

Across all age groups, financial uncertainty caused by COVID-19 created both hardship and awareness around individual financial wellness. As a result, people are exploring how they can take greater control over their money. 

Financial literacy and financial fitness coaching is a service that is growing, particularly with niche populations such as women and BIPOC folks. Financial management is also becoming a focus for corporate offerings to employees.

Source: WellToDo  

#4: Mindfulness is more than a trend

Meditation and mindfulness have shown they have staying power for coach practitioners as an in-demand service. A proliferation of apps, studios, and new technology are swarming the market to cater to anxiety-ridden, burnt out, and overworked humans. Enterprising coaches can look for inroads into the multi-billion-dollar meditation and mindfulness niche.

Source: WellToDo  

#5: Empathy and relationship building are must-have management skills

For coaches who want to work in corporate life or transition to psycho-social management, this is a trend you’ll want to take note of. As managerial tasks continue to become more automated, space is emerging for managers and HR professionals to focus more capacity on developing relationships with employees. Not only that, but the disruption of the past several years has made it clear that organizations must do a better job of meeting employees in their full humanity if they want to sustain a high performing workforce.

We know that the employee-supervisor relationship has a huge impact on overall satisfaction at work, and yet most managers say that they have never been trained on the human elements of communication and empathy required for trust building and employee engagement. Skilled trainers and coaches will be in high demand as businesses struggle to close the gap between organizational cohesion and the skill sets required for effective management.

Source: Kropp and McRae

#6: Men need support in learning how to embody the healthy masculine

Toxic masculinity is now being seen and understood as a threat to the physical and mental health of men and boys. Recent trends in men’s health towards positive body image and diverse gender expression, along with building empathy and relational skills, offer the opportunity for men’s coaches to take up valuable space in this important conversation.

Source: Global Wellness Summit 2022

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