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Lumia Coach Training: Program Pathways

Want to become a certified life coach? Let's find out if Lumia’s coach training program is right for you. With two tracks to choose from, you've got options!

Ready to become a certified life coach, but aren’t sure which Lumia training program to choose? In this guide, we’ll take a look at both options to help determine the best fit for your circumstances, aspirations, and goals.

Lumia’s coach training programs are built upon a common foundation, so we’ll begin with what you can expect as a student regardless of whether you choose our Essentials or Signature track. 

The Lumia Experience

We make learning accessible through a coach certification program that’s delivered entirely online. That doesn’t mean you’ll get stuck with a pile of canned recorded lectures though! Our combination of live weekly classes, small group cohort learning, personalized mentoring, and guided practice coaching sessions will keep you fully engaged and connected from start to finish.

In Lumia’s coach training programs, you’ll receive:

Lumia Program Pathways: Essentials or Signature?

Every student in Lumia’s coach training program starts with Essentials. As a stand-alone program, it provides everything you need to learn the craft of coaching, participate in live coaching observation, earn your coach certification, and launch a coaching practice upon graduation.

If you are interested in picking up advanced skills, or plan to pursue your ICF coaching credential, then Signature is the track for you. Upon completion of the Essentials program, you’ll seamlessly continue on to the next stage of your training.

Want to learn more about ICF credentials and the process for earning one? Check out our resource guide: ACC vs PCC vs MCC - What’s the Difference Between ICF Coach Credentials?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at each of Lumia’s training pathways in detail. 


The Essentials program takes approximately 6 months to complete. It includes 21 weeks of live instruction, with breaks for major holidays. 

The curriculum covers the following areas: 

  • Frameworks and techniques to conduct a coaching conversation
  • Professional ethics and contracting
  • How to build the coach-client relationship
  • Theory and science behind coaching in positive psychology and neurobiology
  • Cognitive bias and trauma
  • Business building basics

Time commitment:

  • 2 hour live class once per week on Zoom
  • 3-5 additional hours of independent work outside of class that includes pre-work, homework, and coaching practice

What you get:

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates receive an internationally recognized life coach certification from Lumia. You’ll also have 25 client coaching experience hours under your belt!


Lumia's newly updated Signature program* supports you on the pathway to either your ACC (Associated Certified Coach) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Credential with the International Coaching Federation.

Start to finish, the Signature program takes approximately 9 months to complete. Upon graduating from Essentials, Signature students advance on for an additional 3 months of education. This includes 16 weeks of live instruction, with breaks for major holidays.

Signature curriculum includes: 

  • A deeper understanding of the topics introduced in Essentials, adding new techniques and interventions to broaden your coaching toolkit
  • Classes focused on the core competencies of the ICF
  • Group and 1:1 mentor coaching, supervision, observation and feedback from ACC and PCC level instructors
  • 25 hours of practice coaching and practical application of coaching skills
  • Test prep for ICF Credentialing exam through mock quizzes and exams
  • Increased confidence in your coaching skills through repetition and practice

Time commitment:

5-7 hours per week

What you get:

A one stop shop for completing your ICF credentialing requirements. When you graduate from Signature, you’ll have the education and mentor hours you need to apply for your ACC or PCC. You’ll also complete an in-house coaching Performance Evaluation that’s submitted to the ICF in support of your application. 

Along the way, you’ll have accumulated 50 live coaching hours toward the total you will need in order to apply for your ACC (100 coaching hours) or the PCC (500 coaching hours). Once you finish Signature, all that’s left is to finish your minimum coaching hours requirement, apply with the ICF, and sit for the credentialing exam after your application is approved.

* We are in the final stages of approval from the ICF for meeting their Level 2 program standards and requirements, and anticipate final approval in Spring 2023.

Which Lumia training program is right for you? Essentials for a streamlined approach, Signature if you're going for an ICF credential

If you are considering going for your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialing from the ICF, choose SIGNATURE.

Prefer to start with the basics? Go with ESSENTIALS. If you aren't interested in pursuing an ICF credential, this pathway offers a streamlined experience that includes the same great coach training, community and support.

Why Choose Lumia?

When searching for the right fit in a coach training program, you want to look for alignment in the following areas - intellectual, values and vision, community, and return on investment. Let's take a look at where Lumia stands!

1) Intellectual

The coaching industry is rapidly evolving, and we’re passionate about positioning our coaches at the forefront of that movement. Over the past decade, we've helped 2,000+ adventurous people from all walks of life launch thriving practices that transform lives. 

What we know from experience is that coaching doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to life (and neither do you!) As a Lumia student, you’ll be exposed to a variety of techniques, styles, and frameworks to broaden your toolkit. Our instructors will dare you to think outside the box and embrace your own unique approach to the craft of coaching. 

Our syllabus is engaging, and guaranteed to get your synapses firing. A sampling from the curriculum includes: 

  • Coaching Conversation Frameworks
  • Active Listening
  • Reframing and Reflection Techniques
  • The Art of Questioning
  • Entrepreneurship 101  
  • Mindfulness in Coaching
  • Intersectionality and Unconscious Bias
  • Intro to Branding and Exploring a Coaching Niche

2) Values & Vision

From the very start, our aim has been to shake up the space of coaching. To smash the status quo and help usher forward a better world. We believe coaching and equity go hand in hand, and envision a future where all humans have the tools and resources to not just survive, but thrive.

This is a no B.S. organization, where we strive to walk the talk. Honesty and kindness go hand in hand. Integrity and trust matter. There's plenty of room for everyone to be the best versions of themselves.

What this means is that we listen to our community and make changes to our program as a result. We believe in continuous improvement, and update our curriculum regularly based on student feedback and emerging industry trends.

We also believe in giving back. Your enrollment helps others, with 5% of every Lumia tuition going towards providing scholarships to members of underrepresented communities and individuals who need them. 

3) Community

Lumia students are people just like you - busy, dynamic, and driven to succeed. Our online learning environment is designed with those realities in mind. It’s bite-sized and actionable, so you can burn through your training in record time… without burning out.

And get this: community doesn’t end at graduation. It’s just the beginning! 

Lumia’s network of incredible people sets us apart from any other coaching organization out there. Over the last decade we have built a true network of life coaches who work together, play together, lift each other up, and cheer each other on through the ups and downs of life.

As part of the Lumia family, you’ll have lifelong access to our community. This includes new course offerings as they come online, ongoing training and education opportunities, in-person retreats and events, industry updates and coaching demonstrations from Noelle Cordeaux, and regular office hours with John Kim.

To see the complete rundown of programs, events, and resources available to Lumia students and alumni, check out: Lumia Coach Training: Support, Connection, Community.

Group of Lumia coaches at the SXSW Wellness Expo booth

4) Return on Investment

Whether you hope to launch a private coaching practice or intend to put these skills to work in other ways, you’ll be exposed to real world coaching principles and techniques that can be applied to a variety of settings. 

With your coaching certification from Lumia in hand, you’ve got options. Both pathways of our program include business guidance to help you build a thriving coaching practice. We’ll introduce you to the basics necessary to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and coach with confidence after graduation.

In our business training modules, you’ll learn:  

  • Exploring a coaching niche
  • Entrepreneurship fundamentals, including systems and goal setting
  • Essential sales skills
  • Strategies to build your brand and clarify your business model

We are coaches and savvy entrepreneurs. And if you want a thriving practice, you need to be the same. That's why our life coach training program combines evidence-based methodologies AND business skills. We help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Building a thriving practice takes time. There's really no quick-fix magic bullet. So when we say we give you everything you need to launch your practice? That also includes ongoing training and support. For life.

Lumia Alumni Benefits:

  • Lumia Coach Badge
  • Lumia Coach Directory Profile
  • Facilitate Workshops at Lumia Events
  • Publish Guests Posts on Lumia Blog
  • Feature on Lumia Instagram Page
  • Lumia Instagram Takeovers
  • Coaching, Networking, and Continuing Education at Lumia events
  • Yearly Retreats and Summits
  • LIfetime access to student portal & training materials
  • Opportunity to sit in on new classes as they are added to the coach training curriculum

Alumni Perspectives

Coach Cat Bradley

"I am changed because of the Lumia program. I am better because of it. I am better for the people close to me, the people that hire me, and myself. " - Cat Bradley

Coach Cara Zuraski

"I signed 10 high ticket clients before graduating Essentials. I would not have had a business at all if it wasn't for Lumia." - Cara Zuraski

Coach Rena Martine

“I transitioned from a 14-year career as a Deputy District Attorney to working full-time as a women's intimacy coach. It has been the most difficult (but rewarding!) life change I've ever made. Being an entrepreneur isn't for the faint of heart. But if you're committed, brave enough to ask for help, and willing to push outside of your comfort zone, true career fulfillment exists on the other side.” - Rena Martine

Coach Kevin Whitehead

"I feel that this is what I was called to do. Nothing else I came across at the time gave me the jolt to move forward like Lumia did." - Kevin Whitehead

Coach Pam Covarrubias

“I became the business coach my mom needed.” - Pam Covarrubias

Coach Brian Simpson

"I knew I needed to add more tools to my coaching toolbox and Lumia offered that in spades." - Brian Simpson

Ready to Explore?

If you’d like to talk with a member of the Lumia team to discuss which pathway is right for you, let’s connect! Schedule a call to get your questions answered, and discover how you can become a force for even greater good as a coach. 

Lumia Coaching: Vibrant community. Evidence-based life coach training. Lifetime support.

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